Gideon’s Challenge

Rainforest Fern PlantsActs of Service

comes in many forms
from the philanthropy
of the rich
to the young boy
offering a hand up
to a stranger.
It isn’t in what
you contribute
that matters…
only that you do
with a
generous heart.

I feel like I run into a lot of people that feel that because they can’t afford to contribute money or resources to a cause, they think anything they contribute is worthless.  It always bothers me when I run across this mentality, because in my opinion?  Every little thing you do with a generous heart is a contribution.  Whether it’s to a cause or just because you feel the need to lend a hand, it all counts.  It’s all important.  And every single little contribution spurred by a generous heart lifts us all up a little higher than we were before, whether you see the results of it personally or not.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

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