Gideon’s Challenge

IMG_6336Love is

yet resilient,
and yet comforting.
It lifts the spirit
and calms the soul
It scatters joy
through each day
and every moment.

Thank you for your love.  I am so proud and so grateful for every single moment we have together and all the love and care you pour into my life without reserve or condition.  You are such a remarkable man… and that you’re mine makes me the luckiest man in the world.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. You give back as much as you receive, my love. I know you don’t always feel like you show it as much as I do, but I disagree. You show me how much you love me every day. All the time.

    And I am the lucky one, beautiful boy. Because you love me. Because you’re mine. Because I am yours.

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