Transitioning from June to July

This is a spread that I do at the end of each month to close out the month.

Brady Tarot and Nature's Wisdom Oracle

Individuality High Priestess and Dragonfly – You are currently in a place of spiritual growth and transformation.  As you explore your emotions, you are transforming more than that small aspect of your life.  Like ripples in a pond, these changes spread outward into other areas.  Those ripples hold within them threads that tug and transform what lies beneath the surface of the water as well, allowing for permanent growth through a shifting within the subconscious and spiritual realms.

Dependence Hermit, Hanged Man Rx, Orchid – You are currently in the process of finding healthier ways of using your alone time. Let go of the tendency to retreat into the self and close yourself off. Stop using your obsessions to self-soothe as it is not healthy.

Creativity Nine of Horns, Justice, Lotus – You are currently seeking a balance of emotional fulfillment and awakening.  You’re struggling a bit with finding that balance because of impatience, and you need to make sure that you are keeping in mind that this is a process that takes time and will not be forced but rather progress naturally, much like the process of reindeer shedding antlers.

Limitation Father of Roots and Jack in the Pulpit – Don’t get so wrapped up in what you have done that you forget to assess where you are and what’s coming.  In this time of change it’s important to stay open to possibilities instead of staid and stagnant in your assessments and focus.

Change Magician and Luna Moth – Keep in mind that you already possess all of the tools and skills needed to continue along this path of growth you’re currently on.  Don’t allow darkness to creep in and create doubts or  unnecessary strife. Focus on the light and stay positive.

Sympathy Ace of Feathers, Two of Roots, Hummingbird – These times in which you have allowed yourself to forsake your inspiration and creative spark, taking it for granted and leaving it behind to pour your energy into the drive of your responsibilities and obligations, have hurt you even if you haven’t taken the time to acknowledge it. These wounds linger and are a negative influence on your current growth and goals.

Luck The World and Nautilus – You’ve gone through transitions in development before and know that these times of growth and change are a process that takes time. Organization and structure always makes you feel a bit more in control, and it would help in this instance as well if you let it.

Power Eight of Feathers, Chariot, Pumpkin – Pay attention that you don’t get too comfortable and confidence in the pause of stability you currently find yourself in. Things can change in a heartbeat, and you need make sure you are prepared so that you can control the situation when it strikes.

Responsibility The Tower and Iguana – Keep yourself open to communicating with those around you, even when things feel like a struggle.  Don’t close up, as the opportunity these events provides to you is about increasing your bond with others through communicating with them about what is going on when things feel chaotic, and allowing them in to help.

Message from Spirit World – Hurdles require a sense of optimism and confidence in your abilities.  Make sure your connection with others is strong.  Sometimes shit hits the fan fast, and it’s important to foster these connections and qualities in yourself so that you are prepared.

Message from Mind’s World –  You are slowly learning that closing yourself off blinds you to what’s going on around you and within you as well.  Staying open and aware, and grateful for what you have will better allow you to move through these transitions with grace and further your growth along the way.

Message from Known World – Stop limiting yourself by training all of your focus and attention on the physical world and the responsibilities that lie within it.  There’s more going on than what lies on the surface and in order to move through the growth and transitions in your life right now, you need to open yourself up more and give yourself a foundation of order and organization that will allow you to open up more fully while still feeling secure.


One thought on “Transitioning from June to July

  1. You have things well in hand and are on your way with your emotional journey. It sounds like this is all just telling you to believe in yourself, not to let those self doubts and your inner critic get the better of you and to reach out when you need a boost or a nudge in the right direction, when you need a little support to help you along the way.

    I’m so proud of you, man. For all that you’ve accomplished and all that you are striving for.

    I love you so much. So very much

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