Weekly Creativity Prompt – Happy Endings

Draw up to three cards from your deck and use them to tell a (real or fictional) story with a happy ending.

Tarocchi dei Celti

La Torre – There was once an old man who was always too worried about what others thought about him and it caused him a lot of struggle and inner strife. He always felt like everyone’s eyes were upon him, and throughout his life he struggled with going after any of the things that interested him, which stunted his growth and left him stalled and standing still throughout his life rather than enjoying each and every day.

La Sacerdotessa – One day, a new family moved in next door to the old man. Their daughter was very friendly and he met this young girl, who found joy and mystery in everything.  She encouraged him with her smile and assured him in her young but wise ways that even old dogs can learn new tricks. She brought him a gift every day.  Each day she brought him a little plastic Easter egg with a small wonder inside just for him.  Sometimes he opened them right away, other times he set them on his mantel and savored the anticipation.   In the end, she encouraged him to open himself up to new experiences.

Il Giudizio – Thanks to this lovely little girl, the old man’s life changed forever.  The small joys she shared with him fostered within him the confidence and curiosity to seek out and explore new experiences in other ways and finally go after some of the things he has always wanted to do but avoided due to the judgements of others.  Instead, he learned to judge his actions through his own eyes instead of the eyes of others, and his burdens lightened with each day that followed.


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