Creativity Requires Bravery

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and tacked on to the end of my yoga/physio practice.  I had a lot of orders to get through today, and I didn’t want to take a chance of falling asleep if I got too comfortable. Taking time off has a bit of a price to it, yeah?  Lots of orders to get through and get processed to go out tomorrow, as they piled up during the time I took off.  At least I got a little bit of it done yesterday while we played.

Herbcrafter's Tarot - Ace of Fire - MulleinToday’s draw is the Ace of Fire (Ace of Wands) card, which is traditionally read as a new beginning, initial kindling, or the “seed” of a start in the area of one’s drive, motivations, passions, and inner spark.   This card signifies the initial spark of interest in the things that capture our attention and keep us captivated.

Not surprisingly, what catches my attention in this card’s imagery today is the gigantic mullein plant standing tall and strong and ready for harvest.

Mullein is an anti-inflammatory with an extremely diverse amount of uses.  Spiritually, it is also used to help in banishing bad dreams, foster bravery, and cleansing of psychic energies.   What I see in the plant represented here in this card today and in relation to being on the Ace of Fire, is that when that spark of inspiration strikes you, sometimes you have to take a moment to center… to gather yourself… and then take a leap.

Creativity requires bravery.  Following your dreams and going after those things you are passionate about takes bravery and strength.  The message in today’s card is about fostering that strength and encouraging it to flourish so that you are better prepared to go after your dreams and explore the things that kindle that spark of inspiration within you.


#TarotForGrowthJuly Challenge Prompt
I’m so overwhelmed.
Why am I so afraid to say no?

Hanson Roberts Tarot

Reading Summary: I feel like I have so little control over the emotional side of my life (King of Cups and Two of Cups) that I feel the need to grasp and hold onto that control with an iron grip in the places where I can (The Emperor).

The bowed heads in the Two of Cups combined with Gideon represented by the King of cups indicate my submission and smallness.  Thus the indication of “lack of control” comes forth between the two cups cards (emotional side of things) in this reading.

Take Away:  I do not have a problem with saying no to others, but I very much do struggle with saying no to myself, whether that is in how I fill my plate with responsibilities and obligations, or in my addictions and pursuits and the things I want or want to do.   This difficulty in saying no to myself in these areas stems from my need to feel in control.   The more out of control I feel emotionally, the more I try to compensate by piling to much on my plate in those areas I feel that I do have control.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2020 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question:
Would life lose meaning if we could live forever?

Women of Science TarotReading Summary:  You could fill your cup again and again (Queen of Cups), and even become addicted to the joys that life offers (The Devil), and yet it is the nature of humanity to lose sight of the value of those things that is with us day in and day out and begin to take them for granted (The Emperor).

Take Away:  Yes.  If there is no end… there is no value. Even with the relatively short lifespans that humanity currently has, people take for granted the great gift and possibilities that life provides them each and every day.  If immortality was possible, it would create a greater divide concerning one’s perceived value of life and thus its meaning.


#OwlandBonesJuly Challenge by Owl and Bones Tarot
  prepare for change // draw your energy // conserve resources // emerge

Veleda Woods Tarot

Prepare For Change9 of Swords and The Adviser Rx – There is a recommendation in these cards to reach out to my therapist and make an appointment. I’m not sure what it is I need to sort through with her, but the message here is clear. I’ll take the advice and call and make an appointment, as it’s apparent that in order to prepare for a change to come, I need to reach out to her.

Draw Your Energy The Moon and The Star – Remember that in times of uncertainty to turn my attention to fostering hope and optimism. It’s too easy to fall into the old habit of pessimistic thinking, and uncertain times can create a breeding ground for those old habits to slip in and take root.

Conserve Resources 8 of Wands Rx and The Lovers – Slow down and spend some time basking in the sun of your relationship with Gideon. This choice isn’t always easy for you, as you want to move fast and get things done and push, push, push for more. But the fact is that the faster you move the faster you want to move, and the more you push… the more you want to push even harder. Make the choice to not follow that path.

Emerge 8 of Cups – You’ve been working hard at changing things and stepping away from old habits. It’s time to start focusing on emerging on the other side of this transition. When you abandon one place, you are also arriving in another. Begin considering what you want this new reality you’re emerging into to look like.


Gideon’s Challenge


Your belief in me
is a beacon
in the darkness.
Your care for me
wind underneath
With you
at my side,
your encouragement
there to guide…
I soar.

You speak of loving me like it is the simplest thing in the world, but I know I am not the easiest person to love.  You speak of supporting me like it is lifting a feather, and yet I know the strength of your arms.  Thank you for always being there, for always believing in me, and for helping me to become the man that I am today.

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