Gideon’s Challenge

IMG_5849Je ne sais quoi

It happens sometimes
that moment of concern
as we prep to play
and I look at
the character chosen
and think
“Can I fill these shoes?”
“Have I lost the voice?”
And then we start
and everything slips
into place
and I can breathe a sigh
of relief.

Some of our characters I enjoy so much that when we take a break from them and then go to play them again, I find myself worrying that I won’t be able to slide back into their skin and play them again.  That I’ll have lost their voice… their  essence.  That thing that makes them unique. I’m so relieved to have found that special spark again today and realized that it was not lost for the chars we are playing.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. I am glad that you didn’t lose this particular voice. I am very much enjoying this character, though I do understand and it happens to me as well. That sometimes, especially after a long time away, I can no longer hear that voice or fit inside their skin.

    Tonight was an easy transition for me as well, it felt very much like coming home with them. And I’m enjoying it very much.

    I love you beautiful

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