Don’t Discount Your Emotions

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and ended in a nap.  I meant to eat, and then lie down for ten minutes for my meditation before hopping online.  Instead I ate, laid down for ten minutes to meditate… and dozed off. Which sucked, but I’m glad that I at least got my meditation in.    Today’s meditation entailed Miss Luna snugging up against the side of my head and purring for me, and I spent my meditation focusing on the rhythmic rumble of her purrs.

Herbal Tarot - Two of Swords - PassionflowerToday’s draw is the Two of Swords, which is traditionally interpreted as a struggle in making a difficult decision or coming to an impasse where you have to pause and carefully consider your options.

What stands out to me the strongest in today’s card is the water in the background. This speaks to me of the decisions being made having an emotional component.  Perhaps the emotions are making the logical choice not the right choice and that is causing a conflict and struggle in making a decision.

The passiflora did not stand out to me at all in this card today, so I am not including it in the interpretation.

The message in today’s card is to make sure you don’t discount your emotions when making important decisions.  This is something I have a habit of doing pretty much all the time, and as a part of my emotional growth, this is something I’m trying to change.  The reminder is needed, because sometimes I forget.


#TarotForGrowthJune Challenge Prompt
: Where am I being invited to challenge myself?

Tattoo Tarot Ink & Intuition

Reading Summary: Being kind to myself both physically (The Empress) and mentally (Knave of Swords), and slowing the fuck down (Nine of Wands with Knave of Wands).

Take Away:  I get this reminder a lot and it is fitting that it would appear here when asked what I’m invited to challenge myself concerning.  Being nice to myself is not an easy task for me, and takes a lot of conscious effort… so does slowing down and pacing myself.  They are both worthy of the effort put in, but they are definitely not simple or easy for me to do.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: Write something free form inspired by the cards.

Japaridze TarotShe played from the heart
Opening up to all
Laying bare her treasure
Sharing her emotions
to all that would listen
and in each note
the immersive experience
took the spectators deeper
taught them more
opened their own hearts
and their own souls
were left bare as well. 


#TheJuneTarot Challenge by Lionhart
: Where or in what way did I grow this month?

The Crystal TarotReading Summary: Being more aware of the help around me that is out there for me if I reach for it (Five of Pentacles) rather than giving in to the temptation to continue following the ingrained habit (The Devil) of keeping my head down and plowing ahead (Eight of Wands).

Take Away: The cards here indicate that I’m doing better at not just being aware that there is help available to me when I need it, but actually asking for it and allowing that help rather than pushing it away and plowing onward alone under the weight.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: Where do I want to be in 10, 15, and 20 years from now?

Fanuna's Tarot

Ten Years – Happy and looking back on the past with fondness.

Fifteen Years – Full of energy and oomph and passionate enough about my inspirational pursuits to fight for them.

Twenty Years – Still driven by passionate nature, and finding new and interesting things that kindle my inner spark to go after.


Staying Centered

I’m playing a bit of catch up today.  I know that I meditated on the 29th, but I’m not sure for how long or the method I used since I’m now finishing up on writing this post on July 1st.  I did meditate tho… so there’s that.

Herbal Tarot - Medicine Wheel of Fortune - Slippery ElmToday’s draw is the Medicine Wheel (Wheel of Fortune) which is traditionally a representation of the unpredictability of life and the ups and downs we go through as we move through our lives.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the Medicine Wheel reference on this card makes me a bit uncomfortable.  This deck is very diverse… but it doesn’t tip into appropriation (IMO) anywhere but in this card and the use of the native wording on the card and references in the book.   I don’t see the imagery on this card as a medicine wheel at all, but rather as a sort of faerie ring in stone around a mighty elm tree.  I see incognito Fae encircling something respected and sacred.

Spiritually speaking, Ulmus fulva (Slippery Elm) is a representation of nourishing encouragement, strength, and the soothing of the spirit.  It is often used in workings that involve assisting in the acceptance of change, and centering the inner self while moving through transitions with ease.  Medically, it is an antiemetic with high nutrient content, meaning that even when someone is extremely sick and nausea, they can usually tolerate the herb if given in tea form or added as a powder to foods such as oatmeal or soup.

What I see here as the message in today’s card is a reminder to stay close to the center of the wheel.   In other words?  Stay centered.   Roller coasters and amusement park rides are all well and good for a few seconds, but when you incorporate that energy into your life it becomes a chaotic mess.   Stay centered and focused, and it’ll all work out just fine.


#TarotForGrowthJune Challenge Prompt
: Who in my life could benefit from some extra affection at this time?

Dream Raven Tarot

Reading Summary: All of them (Ten of Cups). Don’t overtax yourself or beat yourself up about this (Seven of Wands), you love them all and do what you can for them and they know this (King of Wands). You aren’t slacking, they’re just greedy (Six of Cups). Stay balanced, because you just can’t please everybody all the time (Four of Pentacles).

Take Away:  Everyone in my life could benefit from me giving them some extra affection, but this is because they love me and… because they love me they are greedy for that affection.  It doesn’t mean I’m neglecting them, nor does it mean I’m doing anything wrong by keeping things in balance and doing what works (and is healthy) for me.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can I carry more joy forward into the future?

Grimalkin Tarot Reading Summary: Develop new ways to incorporate your current passions and your creative spark into more of your life (Page of Wands), and work at keeping your inner critic in check (ignoring the red bird in favor of the dove in the Queen of Swords). You’re strong enough to make these changes (Strength).

Take Away:  Incorporating more joy into my life involves making sure that my inner critic’s voice is not allowed to carry as much weight as I would usually give it, but also requires following the spark of inspiration and creative interest when it flares up rather than ignoring it or pushing it aside.  Instead, make room for these things that kindle that inner spark.


#TheJuneTarot Challenge by Lionhart
: What am I asked to take with me moving forward?

Tarot Mood

Reading Summary: Stop worrying so much (Nine of Swords) and make your transition with grace (The World). This change you are slowly moving through (Death) is not as scary or complicated as you’re making it out to be (The Moon Rx).

Take Away:   Confidence and grace, while leaving behind my fear.  Making changes like those I’ve been working towards are not easy and take time.  Sometimes it seems like a constant uphill battle or feels like I’m going to fail. Sometimes anxiety over what the new results will look like rise up to make me squirm.  The encouragement in these cards is a reminder to stay centered and focused, and not allow these things to distract me.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: How will I know I am on track?

Trippin' Waite Tarot

Reading Summary: Gideon will help with that (King of Cups). Just stay calm and take your time (Temperance), and make good choices (The Lovers).

Take Away:  Well, you are not always the King of Cups in every reading where this card shows up.  But you are in this one.  Knowing that I stay on track is a group effort.  I need the outside input from those that know me the most and best.  As long as I listen to that input and stay true to my path and that slow progress, making the choices that feel right to my inner compass along the way, then I’ll continue to be on track and be able to feel (through my inner compass) that I have not deviated.


It’s More Fun Together

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and was a full body scan much like yesterdays, that focused on energy rather than physical sensation.  It was, essentially, energy play where I took my energy in a rippled wave through my body from head to toes and back up again.  Powerful waves at first moving from head to toe and back again, like water sloshing back and forth in a tub.  Slowly, the waves then slowed and eased until they were smaller and smaller, and then finally settled into a still and calm pool.

Herbal Tarot - Three of Cups - TrilliumToday’s draw is the Three of Cups, which traditionally is interpreted as a time of coming together, celebration, emotional bonding with others, friendship, and positive collaboration with others.  It can also represent a “third wheel” type of energy or emotion.

I barely noticed the Trillium in the imagery of this card today.  Instead, my focus was drawn to the three women and the fact that their feet are bare and they each wear a dress in a different jewel-tone color.

The bare feet speak to me of vulnerability in this card, and the different colored dresses communicate a sense of diversity. This speaks to me of the energy of collaboration that happens between very different people, and how satisfying it can be when each person contributes their own unique flair to a project… making it truly collaborative and something that could not be done solo or by any others but those personally involved.

Sometimes I forget that I’m not alone and I can lean on others to help me.  I forget that in that help that’s given?  Fun can be had and it becomes more than work but a celebration.  I need to remember this more often and allow others in to help me instead of thinking I have to do it all myself.


#TarotForGrowthJune Challenge Prompt
: Where am I being invited to take back my power?

Linestrider Tarot

Reading Summary: Put some enthusiasm (Knight of Wands) into reclaiming your joy (The Sun) and learn a better way of thinking about things and communicating with yourself (Page of Swords).

Side Note: Just as an aside… The Knight of Wands is the only card in this entire deck that I do not like. I just cannot un-see the stubby penis riding a horse that I saw when I first looked at this card for the first time.

Take Away:  The message here is not just about encouraging growth, but embracing it.  It’s about remembering that as I move forward in the changes I’m making, I need to actively search for and participate in the things that bring me joy.  Savor them and enjoy them instead of disregarding them or avoiding them.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #2
How can I motivate myself to get my ass moving after meditation and get on with my day?

Sawyer's Path TarotReading Summary: The Queen of Swords and the Four of Swords have the same face… they are the same person and the same color scheme carries between the two cards including the background clouds.  Together they indicate that this change in my routine is new but not negative, and I need to take the time to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s good.

The outlier card in this reading is the center card.  It does not match or coincide with the other two in any way.  This discordance with the other cards indicates that if I follow the path my question is asking about, it’s not going to go well. It will create more hardship and cause a delay in getting where I want to go.

Take Away:  Don’t. You need this time of rest and recovery. As much as you want to get more done and fit more into your day… You need to understand that sometimes it’s okay to take a little time for yourself. That lounging about you’re doing is doing you good.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: How can I improve upon my self care?

Tarot of Metamorphosis

Reading Summary: It’s time to stop dragging my feet (Knight of Pentacles) upon my chosen path to instilling more happiness (Six of Cups) and joy in my life (The Sun).

There is a theme here in the imagery itself that speaks of getting back to nature. A transition from being trapped within the grip of the unnatural and material to finding pleasure in fostering nature’s growth to wallowing within nature’s embrace.

Take Away:  Between the theme seen in the cards and the initial interpretation of them, I am being encouraged to spend more time outside. Both in spending time in my garden on the balcony as well as hiking within the forests I love. More of both is needed in my self care routine.


Don’t Fight It

Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and was a self-guided meditation that went through a full body scan from top of the head down to toes and back up before allowing my energy to fill up my personal space, then expand beyond it in a long stretch outward to fill my home, then stretch beyond that.

All in all it was a nice and relaxing practice, but I think I need to get out into the forest again for another grounding.  I seem to be starving for those visits for the green now that I can get back out there again, as if each visit is just not enough.

Herbal Tarot - Death - Elder FlowerToday’s draw is the Death card, which is traditionally interpreted as a representation of gradual, organic change. Like all change, it indicates the end of something in order to make room for something new.  This isn’t the sudden chaotic change of the tarot’s Tower card, but rather the type of change that builds over time, slowly coming to fruition gradually.

What stood out the strongest to me in the imagery of this card today is the black hole serving as death’s face, and the sunrise that looks like a bonfire.   Both of these aspects speak to me of the need to pay attention.  Pay attention to what is unseen, and pay attention to what could be destructive if let to grow out of control.

Spiritually, the Sambucus nigra (Elder Flowers) is an herb of transmutation. Its energies in magical endeavors is one that encourages the shift of reality, the transformation of the soul.  The changes that result from the death of one thing and rebirth that creates something new and better in its place. Medically speaking, the theme is much the same, as it is used to clear out congestion from the onset of a cold, as well as an herb used in tease to cleanse and detoxify during those particular situations.

The message in today’s card is about letting go.  It’s about allowing change to come and create something better, instead of fighting it and resisting, which only slows things down further and can create unnecessary unpleasant experiences in the process.


#TarotForGrowthJune Challenge Prompt
: What areas of my life could benefit from the placement of firm boundaries?

Tarot Sirene - Knight of Cups, Ace of Wands, Ace of Cups

Reading Summary: It’s easy to get carried away with the elation (Knight of Cups) that I experience when I am in the throes of a new creative (Ace of Cups) spark (Ace of Wands).

Side Note:  I love the imagery for the Ace of Wands in this deck.

Take Away:  Like all things, I have the ability to turn just about anything that I find pleasure in into an addiction. The cards here indicate that I need to make sure there are boundaries in place as I dive into exploring new creative endeavors, so that I don’t get carried away and begin to neglect other parts of my life and responsibilities as a result.  The goal is not to fill up to overflow so that I upset the apple cart in the other direction, but to find a balance that will fit both fun and responsibility into my life comfortable… together.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: What sparks my interest and inspires a sense of joy in my life?

Tarot of Passing ShowersReading Summary:  New passions (Ace of Wands) allow me to leave the stress of the world behind (Seven of Swords) while giving me direction (Three of Wands).

Take Away: One of the things I love most about finding something creative to sink myself into is the sinking into it that happens.  That is to say that when I have something that captures my interest so completely and gives me a direction to work in concerning it, I am sometimes able to get so deep into the task that the rest of the world seems to just fall away for a while.  I find my own space, my own silent spot.  A place where nothing besides that task I am working on exists.    

Some people call this singular focus or hyper focus.  Some people call it “flow”.   Whatever you call it, it feels amazing and has a habit of feeding my passions while being intensely refreshing at the same time.   Anything that takes me to that place?  Absolutely is something that also creates an intense amount of interest and sense of joy for me.


#TheJuneTarot Challenge by Lionhart
: Draw a card and let it empower/motivate you today.

Happy Tarot - Seven of PentaclesReading Summary: Sustainable growth.  Don’t push today.  Sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labors and allow them to grow on their own for a day.  One day isn’t going to hurt anyone, and it won’t hurt your business either.  One day is simply one single day.   So take this day for yourself and leave the growth to flourish in the space you give it to do so.

Take Away:  I have tried my best to do just that.  I slept in and I did my self care.  I ate often, and I even took a nap.  I have not worked at all, but rather distracted myself with Instagram, Discord, and games on my phone, then with playing online with you.   I’ve done my best to try not to feel guilty, and just allow things to go at their own pace today rather than pushing and shoving both myself and the business forward… always forward.