Don’t Dawdle Too Long

IMG_6970Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and was another of the guided meditations with interval timer for my piriformis stretches.  I’m sort of wondering if the additional soreness I’m feeling lately isn’t just because I skipped a couple of days of stretching, but also because I have not been going in to the sports medicine doctor for adjustments since the spring.

The topic of today’s meditation was in taking a pause when reacting and responding to others to check if you are being kind.   It focused upon the quote by Rumi that is posted in this blog post to the right.   I’ve never heard this quote by Rumi before, but I can honestly say that it’s become one of my favorites.  I work really hard to do this when I interact with others… although perhaps the “Is it necessary” gets skipped a bit more than it should.  Still, I think it is a good guideline, and something as a whole that we all need to keep in mind more often.

Tarot of Haunted House - The Hanged ManToday’s draw is the Hanged Man, which is traditionally a representation of taking a step back to mull things over or see things from a new and different perspective.  This involves letting go of your own preconceptions and opening your mind to a new view.

Although I see this in the imagery of today’s card, the card’s imagery brings up more questions than answers today.   The reason for this is that the skeleton hangs in darkness beyond an opening in a brick wall.  From that I begin to wonder just how long has that skeleton been hanging there?  How did it get there?  How was it discovered?

These questions bring me to what I feel is the message of today’s card.  That is to say, the message here is about just how long you take in that “step back” to consider other perspectives.  Yes…. making decisions requires seeing as much of the “whole picture” as possible.  But if you get so wrapped up and focused on collecting data?  Sometimes  you end up missing the opportunities presented to you.   It’s a delicate balance, making sure you don’t hang there in limbo so long that you end up walled in.


LionHart’s #TheOctoberTarot #SeasonOfTheWitchChallenge Prompt
: I am in control of the path I walk by…

Curio Tarot

Reading Summary: …being generous and kind with your emotions (Queen of Cups), and not allowing your drive to be more and do better get in the way (King of Cups Rx). Instead, you need to make sure you’re taking time to rest and recover (Four of Swords) and focus on your balance (Two of Pentacles).

Note: The “to do more and be better” is more about the fact that the King of the same suit showed up beside the Queen of Cups, rather than the connotations of the suit he is in.

Take Away:  The indication here is that it is not me in control of my path when I’m allowing those inner demons to drive me on the focus of “more more more”. It’s only when I take control of my life balance, be kind to myself, and allow myself the rest and restoration I need in that I am truly in control.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can I embrace positive influences carried forward from my ancestors?

The Dark Mansion TarotReading Summary: Open your eyes (Two of Swords) and look forward at your progress concerning that emotional intelligence you’ve been working on (Queen of Cups). Inspire others with your kindness to believe in you and fight for you (Queen of Cups leading up into the Seven of Wands).

Note: The Queen of Cups came up reversed, but I think it is more to the point that she is supposed to be looking to the right (and the future), rather than the fact that the card actually means it’s reversed meaning.

Take Away:  It is a conscious choice to reach for progress and embrace the lessons the Queen of Cups has to offer about your emotions and how they influence not just yourself but others as well.

For so long I have chosen to ignore my emotions and their influences. I learned this behavior from those in my past… and this new path I am on is guided by not just my desire to break the pattern but the spirit guides that are there to help guide me along the way.


#MysticStarChallenge October Challenge Prompt
: How can I better embrace my Spirit Guide’s message from the 6th?

Grim Tarock

Reading Summary: Sometimes in moving on from what isn’t working for you (Eight of Fish), you find something better (Ten of Citadels). Learn to accept what you’re leaving behind isn’t worth keeping, and it’s worth the sludge and slog of the journey to move forward beyond it (The Hierophant).

Obviously this reading is based off the imagery and not the suits/card names.  The “learn to” is a nod to the Hierophant’s traditional meaning, but otherwise this reading is imagery focused.

Take Away:  When you abandon what is familiar, there’s always a bit of fear involved. That’s true even when what you’re leaving behind is something that doesn’t work for you or is unhealthy for you.  It’s important, during these times, to remember that what you’re moving toward is worth slogging through all that worry and fear.  As long as you keep moving, you’ll get there.  Just don’t look back.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What does the Sun mean to me?

The Cryptid Tarot

Reading Summary: Let’s use those swords (Eight of Swords/Averasboro Gallinipper) to make something great (Ten of Pentacles/Yowie), and let’s do it with enthusiasm (Knight of Wands/Gef the Mongoose).

Take Away:  That critter in the Eight of Swords card is probably pretty blind to just how useful those sword legs can be, but with the help of the Yowie and Gef, goth of which have a far more positive outlook going on, it’s possible to turn what appears to be a dangerous handicap into a positive boon.

This is the energy I see in the Sun, that transformative energy that can turn things around and instill a positive or optimistic spin on something perceived to be negative.


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