The Illusive Silver Lining

Today’s meditation was… well it was a bit different.  That would be because I tried to do my meditation in the bath this time. Since I was soaking in the tub, I thought I’d give it a go.  What actually happened, though, is that I started to doze off… twice.  So, that wasn’t a very good idea. I never settled in to meditate after I’d gotten out, either.  I’ll do it before sleep tonight.

Madam Lydia Wilhelmina's Tarot - Five of CupsToday’s draw is the Five of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of emotions that deal with disappointment, disillusionment, and pessimism.  Especially in cases where you are failing (or refusing) to see the whole picture.

What really stands out to me in the imagery of this card today is the contrast between the graceful figure and the cold dark surroundings in which she stands.  It really makes the “pity party” going on in this card stand out.

The thing is?  When you’re focused solely on the pessimistic side of things?  You lose out on so much sometimes, but it’s really devastating when it’s the little things you lose out on.  In moments when everything feels like it’s gone to shit and you’re wading through the cold snow of disappointments and failures?  Not looking for that little nugget of positive that lives in those moments has the potential to just make everything worse… and make the bad linger and stretch on longer… the emotions involved experienced with more depth and for a longer period of time than might be healthy.

The message here is to look for that silver lining.  It might be small, it might seem like “nothing”… but sometimes that little bit of nothing can be everything.


LionHart’s #TheOctoberTarot #SeasonOfTheWitchChallenge Prompt
: How can I best harvest the energy available to me?

Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

Reading Summary: Work at learning to be happy with what you have (King of Pentacles) and to foster and nurture that outlook it so that it grows (Queen of Pentacles)… It doesn’t all have to be about “more more more” all the time.

There is a link between the Queen of Pentacles and the Knave of Swords in the fact that the girl in the Knave looks like a younger version of the Queen, and wears the same dress beneath her jacket.   What I see from this is that growth is possible, but needs a bit of nurturing to get it there and to temper the impulsive urges that slow and steady growth can sometimes spur.

Take Away:  I push myself too damned hard and it’s not healthy.  I know that, and yet so very often, I can’t seem to help it. The encouragement here is that I need to stay focused on the present right now.  I need to nurture my growth and my inspiration, but only in ways that support slow growth instead of fast and hard spurts.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2020 Challenge Prompt
: What needs my attention in the… past / present / future

Murder of Crows TarotWhat needs my attention in the past?
Knight of Swords – So much of my past has spent spent barrelling forward at full speed, pushing myself harder and harder as I work towards my ambitions. This pushing wasn’t about my passions or interests, it was about my ambitions. The things I felt I wanted in my life, or even felt were absolutely necessary.  And in pushing myself so hard, I have cycled through burnout after burnout, driven to always push harder and harder. It’s not healthy and I know that, and yet I cannot seem to help it. And when I do manage to back off on myself? Then I feel shame and self-recriminations concerning whatever it is that I’m not getting done.   This issue stems from my past and is something I need to work on addressing.

What needs my attention in the present?
The High Priestess  – This is an echo of what the cards told me in my self-care Saturday reading this weekend. It has to do with depending less strongly upon logic and thought, and leaning more heavily into intuition and the nudging of my moral compass.

What needs my attention in the future?
Ten of Pentacles – My goals, my loved ones, my home. Soon, I will be bumping my mortgage payments back up to double. I reduced my mortgage payments by half back in the spring when I lost the majority of my part time jobs.  After the holidays, I have every intention of returning my payments back to that larger payment again. This future goal will allow my mortgage to be paid off more quickly, creating a sense of stability (and the opportunity to slow down a bit) sooner.   I’m very much looking forward to that.


#MysticStarChallenge October Challenge Prompt
: In what way does my spirit guide embody the _____ card?

Terrestrial Tarot

Spirit Guide CardThe Sun – A sign of hope and warmth and love. A sense of enthusiasm and enjoyment, of optimism and positivity.

In what way does my spirit guide embody the Sun card?
Air (Ace of Swords), Felicity (Nine of Cups), King of Swords

The spirit guide in question embodies the Sun card as they are in my life to help me find emotional fulfillment.  I’m very much a Swords person, as I lean heavily on intellect and logic in my day to day life and how I navigate the world.  But you cannot become the master of your ambitions and mind without reaching a level of emotional fulfillment along the way. This spirit guide is here to provide opportunities to find that fulfillment by finding ways of blending that logic and intellectual tendency I fall into with the emotional intelligence I need to develop along the way.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What does this time of year mean to me?

Dark Angels Tarot

Reading Summary: Gearing up for the busy season with no time to waste (Knight of Pentacles Rx). Change is building into the new reality for the next few months (Death). Struggling to spend as much time as possible with Gideon in preparation for the busy season officially starts (Two of Cups).

Take Away:  There are a lot of spiritual connotations that are a part of this time of year, but in truth?  What this season really means to me is that it’s a time of “changing gears”.  As much as I love the shift in weather, the opportunity to get out in nature more, the thinning of the liminal veil between spiritual planes, etc… what this time of year means more than anything?  Is that it’s time to prep for my busiest time of year, which looms in the near future like a giant trying to hide behind a tree and failing at it miserably.


Gideon’s Challenge

IMG_9078Engrossed Moments

Anther and filament
so delicately sweet
a whisper
light as a feather
and filled with color.
Sepal bits beneath
tight buds… and
and for a moment
you lose yourself
in a trillion flutters
from the smallest breeze.

Sometimes… you just need to find something to lose yourself in for a bit.
Today is one of those days.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

Morning Bonus Read – Combating Hopelessness

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
With all that is going on in the world, it is easy to become overwhelmed by anger and grief, and to feel hopeless. This week, chat with your divination tools about some ways to constructively approach everything we’re dealing with.

Tokyo Ghoul Playing CardsWhat am I paying attention to in my life that I don’t need to be? (Types of news, types of people, etc)?
Two of Diamonds

Stop worrying so much about juggling everything.  Your worry and stress over this topic are pulling your attention away from things that need to get done.

What am I not paying attention to that I do need to be?
Ten of Spades

You see that dark shadow that keeps trying to creep up on you?  It’s that black pit of depression trailing after you in the wake of your footsteps. If you allow it to catch up, it will buckle your knees and take you down, and take all your goals and ambitions down with you.

What am I doing to make the world a better place?
Eight of Hearts

You are social distancing like a champion, which is a pretty significant feat considering that you’re out in public nearly every day.

What can I do this week to keep myself focused on the things that are important to keep me and the world healthy?
Queen of Diamonds atop Five of Clubs

Use self care methods to help keep yourself afloat when conflict tries to drag you down.  It’s okay if you need to fight for what you believe in, but sometimes in the heat of battle things are said or things happen that can create a resonant disillusionment to slip in and bring you down.  Take that nurturing you give so freely to others and turn it upon yourself during these moments.