Take Care of Yourself

Today’s meditation was skipped, unfortunately, because I got a bit of a late start after the farm.  Or rather, I ended up staying a bit longer at the farm this morning than planned, and it screwed the rest of my morning schedule.  I did manage to still get my flu shot tho, and made it to my Aunt’s only about an hour late, so it wasn’t an entire wash.

Madam Lydia Wilhelmina's Tarot - Ten of WandsToday’s draw is the Ten of Wands, which is traditionally interpreted as running into overwhelm or burnout in the pursuit of your passion projects and other endeavors. It is about taking on too much responsibility, about having too much on your plate, and about feeling over-burdened.

This is a very apt card for today, as today’s major project for today was about going over to my aunt’s new apartment in the city and helping to move all of her belongings out of the moving container (you know, like one of those big metal shipping containers) and into her apartment.  This also ended up including the assembly of a couple pieces of furniture that she needed help putting together, and helping her get a few of the essential boxes unpacked.

The sharp tips on the ends of the wands in this imagery are especially apropos, as I feel that the message in this card today is about making sure that I don’t over do it to the point that I end up hurting myself (sharp pointed spears) in the process. 

Today’s card was a perfectly timed reminder to make sure I would take care of myself today.


LionHart’s #TheOctoberTarot #SeasonOfTheWitchChallenge Prompt
: How can I best work with the thinning veil this year?

Gothic Horror Tarot

Reading Summary: Take a position of strength (Queen of Staves) and gratitude (Nine of Cups), of grounded fulfillment  (Ten of Pentacles) about having made good choices that got you to where you’re at (The Lovers)…. only then can you work with others on the other side of the veil safely (Three of Coins).

Take Away: This is about making sure that I am “well seated” both emotionally and in the physical word and confident in where I’m at prior to reaching out to work with the other side.  It’s about more than just being grounded, but about being in a place of strength, confidence, and power. 


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2020 Challenge Prompt
: Energy I’m emitting / What that energy is attracting / What to do about it

Grim TarockEnergy I’m EmittingThe Hanged Man – Open and observant.  Quiet and willing to take my time when needed to understand things from different angles.  Non-biased and able to take in different viewpoints without losing perspective.

What That Energy Is AttractingTen of Fish – People are drawn to this as it feels safe and soothing. It makes me approachable even when perhaps I’m not as skilled as I’d like to be in communication and other interpersonal aspects.

What To Do About ItKing of Chaos – Do nothing. The repercussions would suck for yourself and for others.  Chaos is just not comfortable or something you really want too much of in your life.


#MysticStarChallenge October Challenge Prompt
: What message do my other Guides need to tell me?

Trick or Tarot

Reading Summary: My spirit guides say that they see that I’m moving forward in my business (Page of Wands) and that I’m not just capable (The Magician) but also highly skilled (Eight of Pentacles).

Take Away: They are all on my side and being my cheer-leading team, letting me know that I’ve got this.  It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, but they are reminding me that I’m strong and capable and in my element and if I just go with it, everything will be fine.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What does shadow/darkness mean to me?

Tarot de Marseille par Pole Ka

Reading Summary: The influence that creates bad choices (Lovers Rx), the self recriminations and inner dialogue that drags me under into depression and retreat (The Hermit Rx), and the emotional mess that spills out to damage my ability to relate to others (Queen of Cups Rx).

Take Away:  Shadows and darkness are, in my perspective, the influences and decisions that create a situation of isolation and depression.


Morning Bonus Read – Refocus Tarot Spread

Because I am trying to show a bit more of my decks this month, as I have a whole LOT of October/Halloween/Samhain decks, I’m doing a few extra bonus reads over the month.  This is one of those extra readings.

Refocus Tarot Spread - Catton Candy Nightmare Tarot

Why do I feel unfocused right now?
Ten of Pentacles Rx

Because my stability feels a bit shaky and uprooted.  The thing is, this time of year is a transition period for me between the summer’s endeavors (that this year were primarily self-focused and personal) and the holiday rush (which is entirely business focused and entrepreneurial).  It’s not surprising that the shift from one to the other would make me feel unsteady, and thus a bit unfocused.

What is distracting me from my soul’s true path?

Me.. being a dick… to myself.  I’m working on combating this as best that I can, but that dark snarl that likes to whisper nasty shit in my ear is definitely working overtime at the moment.

What requires my focus right now that I am neglecting?
Eight of Cups

I’ve had a lot of reminders lately about making sure I’m leaving the shit that isn’t working from me behind.  Here, again, we see that reminder that I need to keep my eye on where I want to go and not on how I  used to do things.   There’s a lot of temptation right now to fall into bad habits from my past, so these constant reminders are understandable and appreciated.

How can I release distractions and refocus on what matters most?
The Hanged Man Rx

Stop allowing hesitation to rule my actions and thoughts.  I’m being told to jump in and “adjust on the fly” as I move forward instead of hanging back with worries while trying to test the waters before jumping in.  Procrastination is not my friend right now.

Who or what can help me stay focused?
Ace of Wands

I need to get back in touch with that creative inner spark and the joy that it gives me to manifest ideas into physical items that bring pleasure to others.  This is my own pleasure and my purpose, and is something that I’ve lost touch with a bit off and on this year.

How can I benefit from realigning and refocusing?
Five of Cups Rx

It will allow me to move on and move forward instead of hanging back dealing with emotions that have no use or purpose for me at this time.