Morning Bonus Read – Refocus Tarot Spread

Because I am trying to show a bit more of my decks this month, as I have a whole LOT of October/Halloween/Samhain decks, I’m doing a few extra bonus reads over the month.  This is one of those extra readings.

Refocus Tarot Spread - Catton Candy Nightmare Tarot

Why do I feel unfocused right now?
Ten of Pentacles Rx

Because my stability feels a bit shaky and uprooted.  The thing is, this time of year is a transition period for me between the summer’s endeavors (that this year were primarily self-focused and personal) and the holiday rush (which is entirely business focused and entrepreneurial).  It’s not surprising that the shift from one to the other would make me feel unsteady, and thus a bit unfocused.

What is distracting me from my soul’s true path?

Me.. being a dick… to myself.  I’m working on combating this as best that I can, but that dark snarl that likes to whisper nasty shit in my ear is definitely working overtime at the moment.

What requires my focus right now that I am neglecting?
Eight of Cups

I’ve had a lot of reminders lately about making sure I’m leaving the shit that isn’t working from me behind.  Here, again, we see that reminder that I need to keep my eye on where I want to go and not on how I  used to do things.   There’s a lot of temptation right now to fall into bad habits from my past, so these constant reminders are understandable and appreciated.

How can I release distractions and refocus on what matters most?
The Hanged Man Rx

Stop allowing hesitation to rule my actions and thoughts.  I’m being told to jump in and “adjust on the fly” as I move forward instead of hanging back with worries while trying to test the waters before jumping in.  Procrastination is not my friend right now.

Who or what can help me stay focused?
Ace of Wands

I need to get back in touch with that creative inner spark and the joy that it gives me to manifest ideas into physical items that bring pleasure to others.  This is my own pleasure and my purpose, and is something that I’ve lost touch with a bit off and on this year.

How can I benefit from realigning and refocusing?
Five of Cups Rx

It will allow me to move on and move forward instead of hanging back dealing with emotions that have no use or purpose for me at this time.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Refocus Tarot Spread

  1. Stop being so hard on yourself, love. I don’t see it firsthand, as I think you’ve learned that I’m going to jump up and defend you, even when you are being your own critic…but I’ve seen it mentioned so many times in these readings. Remember that a big part of that growth and learning this summer has been about being kind to yourself. I know you’re trying, but it’s still my job to remind you.

    I think all this anxiety you are having about how to handle this year’s rush with your emotions out is causing you to not only hesitate and drag your feet on your preparations but is also getting you all worked up about other little shadow whispers in your head, yeah? Easy, baby. Just relax. You’ve got this, man. I have absolute faith in you.

    Just breathe, love. Just breathe and relax and everything is going to be fine.

    So much anxiety and worry in this post, love. Just breathe for me babe.

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