The Unexpected Boon

Confession… I did not meditate today.  There’s just so many hours in a day, and so many ten minute segments in each hour, and I was significantly short on both today so it just didn’t get done.   Depending on when I get done with orders tonight (or tomorrow morning probably), I might be able to fit it in before bed.  At least… if I manage to get some sleep tonight and don’t end up pulling an all-nighter.

Madam Lydia Wilhelmina's Tarot - Ace of CoinsToday’s draw is the Ace of Coins, which is traditionally a representation of new beginnings and new opportunities in the areas of finances, resources, hearth and home, health, and manifestations. 

The thing is?  Today’s been a bit rough.  I’ve needed to be home getting work done and yet had to be out dealing with traffic and doctors and rude as fuck people.  And yet? 

*Clears his throat.*  Just about 1/8th of my remaining mortgage got paid off today out of the blue due to some serious surprise income.

SO!  The message in today’s card?  Don’t discount good things happening out of the blue.  Just don’t discount it.  Because it can happen when you’re least expecting it.  Was the money free?  Not by any means… but neither was the opportunity to earn it at all anticipated or even something I thought possible.   So… stay open to the possibilities, even the surprise ones. 


LionHart’s #TheOctoberTarot #SeasonOfTheWitchChallenge Prompt
: What is my major Hallowe’en / Samhain theme?

XII Tarot

Intuitive Hit:  Take your time and do it right.

Reading Summary: Okay so breaking this down, we have the Page of Cups as a learner in the area of emotions moving into the Four of Cups, which is about a disconnect between your motivation and your emotions.  The Five of Pentacles speaks of loss and struggle, but is overshadowed by Temperance expressively displayed with a searing sword though the heart.  What I see here is that when things move too fast, accidents happen.  When you aren’t willing to put in the effort and pay attention?  Bad things happen.  If you’re going to learn a new skill, or sink yourself into the process of learning?  It’s self defeating to not take your time or keep yourself invested through thick and thin.

Take Away:  And thus all of that circles back to the whisper of my intuition prior to breaking down the cards.   Take your time and do it right.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2020 Challenge Prompt
: What do I need to focus on for self care this full moon?

Tarot of Haunted HouseReading Summary: Stand up for what’s yours (Seven of Wands) and those that collaborate with you (Three of Pentacles), and shine a light on (Knight of Wands) those that try to take from you (Seven of Swords).

Take Away: This fits with what my full moon ritual tonight was about, which is to say that it is a ritual that began with the new moon and beginning the process of building strength and condensing it over the past couple of weeks in order to refresh my home’s protective wards and other protections this evening.

I do not want a repeat of what happened last year, with the shadow of my father’s influences invading my life to create significant inner struggle and a sickening shrivel of sensation in my soul as the month progressed toward its end.  For the month of October and November, I’ve therefore chosen to up my wards and protections, shifting their focus and construction over this time period to include these issues.


#MysticStarChallenge October Challenge Prompt
The card for this month is the ______, which indicates…

Carnival at the End of the World Tarot - The HierophantThe card for this month is the Hierophant card, which indicates that you will have much to learn this month, and many people to share what you learn with, to teach, and guide along the way.

During this month it will also be important to remember that not all traditions and “old ways” of doing things are bad or need to be broken… or even altered.

Sometimes when we get too carried away with our own independence, we forget that many of the “old ways” of doing things have lasted as long as they have for a reason.  Because they hold meaning, and because they work.  It will be important to pay attention to what old ways you might be discarding without truly thinking through their value.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: A message for my spiritual path.

Ludy Lescot Tarot

Reading Summary: Listen closely to your inner wisdom and intuition (High Priestess) and allow it to tell you when the time for celebration (Three of Cups) of your accomplishments (Six of Wands) is needed (Justice)

Take Away:  The thing is?  I have a very difficult time giving myself the credit that I deserve.  I am aware of this issue.  Gideon calls it modesty, but I’m not really sure that’s what it is at all.  It is far more likely that it has to do with that “never enough” shadow of mine.

The message for my spiritual path is that I need to start healing that inner shadow by listening to the quiet whispers  in the darkness that tell me when I’ve done something good… listen to them and allow them to lift me up.  Wallow, even if just briefly, in that moment of elation.   In doing so, I am helping to balance out the scales between that shadow’s influences and my need for growth and progress.