Turn It Inward

Today’s meditation was skipped in the interest of the fact that I overslept and my day started far to late, especially for an order prep day. I definitely felt the difference of not doing the meditation today tho, and plan to pick it back up tomorrow.

Botan Tarot - The EmpressToday’s draw is the Empress. This is the third card in the Major Arcana, which means that (as with all Major Arcana cards) it deals with an overall message or life path situation rather than a single aspect of the human experience. Traditionally, the Empress card is a representation of nurturing energy that is grounded and giving, but strong and stable.  Her appearance is an indication of generous abundance, sacred femininity, and is associated with mother nature.

Like so many cards in this deck, it is not one aspect of the card that stands out to me above all others today, but rather the “atmosphere” of the card created by different elements.  It’s the grace in the tilt of the woman’s head and the vulnerability of her bare shoulders and neck, it is the quiet sensuality in the slightly parted lips, the wealth in the earrings she wears, and abundance of nature’s harvest in her hair.

There is softness here, and strength.  Abundance.  She looks like she is just about to lift those lowered eyelids and give a warm and gentle smile of understanding.  I would bet that her eyes are warm, no matter what color they end up being.

Kindness comes from within.  This is the message in today’s card. You can be kind and caring, loving and nurturing, and not be a pushover or a doormat.  It is the strength added into these qualities that allows someone to nurture not just others, but to know when they themselves need nurturing as well.   Be generous not just to others… but to yourself as well.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2020 Challenge Prompt
: Goal / Pros / Cons/ Obstacles / Solutions

The Painted TarotGoal Four of Swords – To allow myself more rest and recovery.

ProsAlchemist (Magician) – The pros of this goal are that the rest and recovery allows me the time to recover, so that I can think clearly and move with precision, using my tools to the best of my ability.

ConsMoon – The cons of getting more rest and recovery is that I don’t get as much done, and I don’t have a much time to get the things done that I need to get done… which creates a feeling of uncertainty.

ObstaclesLovers – The obstacles in this are that no matter which choice I make, it’s a choice for my benefit… less rest and more work furthers my goals and business.  More rest and less work furthers my health and well-being.   Both are extremely important to me, and so it makes it feel like there is no good choice.

SolutionsNine of Swords – Stop worrying so damn much. The worry is yet another waste time, and it also causes extra exhaustion which then creates a need for more rest and recovery and therefore less work gets done as a result.


One thought on “Turn It Inward

  1. It can be hard for the nurturers to recognize when they are in need of nurturing when so wrapped up and focused on those within their care. Nurturing others for me comes naturally but it takes effort and sometimes am outside reminder to take care of me. Especially when it comes to allowing myself to be vulnerable. Though logically I know it’s not a weakness, in the moment it can sure feel like it

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