Weekly Creativity Prompt – Cookies

Pull (at least) three cards use them to tell a story about a child that befriends the monster under their bed.

Emanuelle Tomato Mini Tarot 2020Daddy always told me that there’s no such thing as monsters under the bed.  He said that I’m a big boy and I should act like it, and that it’s all in my imagination.  That if I’m determined enough, I’ll forget about the monsters and they’ll just go away.  (Strength atop The Chariot)

I really did try.  You see I even started sleeping with the light on, and put bells on the floor under the edge of the bed, and had teddy guard me from the chair beside the bed and everything.  All these changes should have made the monster go away. (Death)

You see… the thing is tho? My monsters don’t stay under the bed. They come out and wander around the room!  They growl and slobber and their glowing red eyes always feel angry, their sharp tipped fingers like daggers and just as dangerous! (Emperor and The World)

Momma had a different idea.  She said that instead of working to kill the monsters like Daddy said I should?  I should be kind to them.  She told me to think of how horrible it must feel for all the children in the world to be so scared of them all the time, and how lonely it must be.  (Adjustment and The Empress)

She told me to take a chance, and be nice to the monsters. That sometimes?  Even the most horrible people just need to be given a chance to show that they have another side, but that it takes someone special to see beyond the scary parts and bring that other side out in them. (Fortune)

So I got some cookies and I waited up one night, worried and trembling in my bed until the monster crawled out of the dark space beneath my bed and started shuffling around.  Then I sat up in bed and said hi!  I offered the monster a cookie. The monster was so surprised and happy! Now each night I stay up just a little bit past bed time so that we can visit. (Aeon)

It turns out that the monster’s not so bad after all, and his sharp long fingers are really handy!  He can pick up berries with them!  And he even picked the lock on my treasure box that I’d lost the key to!  I’m not scared of the monster under my bed anymore… now?  We’re friends, and I feel safe because I know he’s watching over me while I sleep. (Art)


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