Up And At ‘Em

Today’s meditation was just under fifteen minutes long and was incorporated into some extra stretching during my physio/yoga time as I was quite sore this morning.  That was due to the furniture adventures yesterday, which I did while dehydrated and thus caused me to be unusually sore today.

It was relaxing, although not the norm.  Most of the focus during this time is on breathing, just as it is during regular meditation, but there is also a good amount of focus paid to body alignment and the release of muscle tension.

Four of Swords - Efflorescent Tarot (Color Edition)Today’s draw is the Four of Swords, which is a representation of reassessment, ease, stability, and shelter in the area of the mind, intellect, communication, and logic. This often presents itself with themes involving restoration, meditation, and recuperation, as well as potential stagnation.

What I see in today’s card is following along the same theme of a number of personal readings that I’ve done over the past few days.  That is to say, it deals with the stagnation that I have personally been feeling of late where I seem to be stewing in place rather than moving forward.

The card, to me, clearly communicates that in staying in one place too long, you run the risk of becoming tangled up and at risk.  Rest is only good for as long as you need it, then it can become something harmful.   This card’s appearance is further assertion (atop the recent readings) that it’s time to move forward instead of lingering in the murk and mire of indecision and hesitation.


#TarotForGrowthJanuary Challenge Prompt
: What can I do to prepare myself to accept that gift? (Build off yesterday’s cards.)

Maregician Tarot (Sleeplessness Edition)

Reading Summary: Get your ass in gear (Justice atop the Nine of Diamonds), look at where you want to go (Judgement), and enlist others to assist you in getting there (Three of Hearts).

Take Away:  This is essentially a reiteration of my Self Care Saturday reading that I did yesterday.  The cards are saying that I need to take a good look at the amount of rest and recuperation I’ve been immersed in and begin the process of moving again in the direction of my goals.  The theme of bringing others in to help me is also pretty consistent, and being repeated again here as a reminder that I need to allow others to help me instead of forcing myself to take everything on by myself.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2020 Challenge Prompt
: Why do you take what what came up in yesterday’s prompt so seriously?

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Reading Summary: Because I feel that it makes me stronger (Strength), and more prepared for disaster and difficulty (Nine of Swords), which gives the impression that by pushing myself harder I then manage to somehow free myself up for exploration of new inspirations and creative endeavors (Page of Wands).

Take Away:  The answers in the cards explain why, but that why is an illusion.  It’s true that it does feel that by bearing down on myself and being harsh with myself I am somehow not just increasing the quality of my work but also my productivity as a whole, freeing up time and energy to later explore what I want to do rather than what I have to do… but in truth what ends up happening is I end up exhausting myself and don’t get to use that free time earned in the way I want, because I have to use it to recover instead.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt
: What do I need in order to create a more dependable morning routine? (Question was rephrased for clarity.)

The Textured Tarot

Reading Summary: Stop binding myself up in useless extraneous crap (Eight of Swords) so that I can have a quicker turnaround and more control concerning what gets done and when (The Chariot). I also need to work with L to coordinate better so that we aren’t tripping over each other so much (Two of Cups).

Take Away:  When L and I are trying to get ready at the same time, we have a bit of a “dance” we do where we circle around each other like satellites.   But there are times when there is absolutely no rhythm to it and we collide and bounce off each other, trip over each other and get in each other’s way.    The two of cups with it’s four faces and two of them bloody?  That is a representation of this occasional lack of rhythm and symmetry.

The other two cards indicate a need to not dawdle so much in the checking of mail and messages and other such extraneous pursuits when trying to get my ass moving in my morning routines.


One thought on “Up And At ‘Em

  1. I think I summed up my response to this in the self care post as far as my suggestions in getting you moving forward.Game plan is the first thing…you have to have a plan in order to set it in action. Start writing things down and getting a basic outline of what you want to accomplish and how you might be able to make that happens. Then you can fill in the details after you have that in order.

    I love you. Always

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