Forethought and Choices

Today’s meditation was just over twelve minutes long, and was focused (again) on the new year.  It spoke of new years resolutions, and how they don’t work.   Not because we don’t want them to or don’t have every intention of following through with them, but because change is often something that needs to be integrated into our lives one small step at a time so that we have time to adjust and adapt.

When we try to instill change in a sudden sort of way, what  often happens is that you have difficulty following on through the larger changes once the newness has fallen away.   When you stretch out the process and take little steps?  There’s a better chance of it sticking as it means that the new habits have time to integrate and overwrite the old.

My personal opinion is that sometimes it works… and sometimes?  It doesn’t, yeah?  Some habits need more than willpower to break.  Sometimes it’s not about habits, but about a mindset.  And sometimes?  What we’re trying to break the habit of doing isn’t a habit at all, but a part of our very nature.  All of that’s okay.  It doesn’t mean we give up, only that  we try again and search for new and different methods that might work better the next time.

Knight of Swords - Spacious TarotToday’s draw is the Explorer of Swords, which is the equivalent of the Knight of Swords in this deck. Traditionally this card represents a proactive beta energy, personality, or person in the realm of logic, thoughts, intellect, and communication.   This often comes through as relating to the themes of quick minded ambition and, occasionally, impulsiveness.

The thing is, though, when I see today’s card, what I see is less impulsiveness and more of a “look before  you leap.   The crow sits upon the blade of the sword, but thinks twice about moving out onto the blade where it overhangs open space, as if considering if it is a wise decision (which, of course, it is not… that crow is far too heavy to perch out there).

Yes, the crow will survive either way.  It can fly.   But the choice the crow makes now is the the one that matters.  If it steps out on the blade?  It will force an action that otherwise the crow would never have made.  A choice forced upon it by the previous choice already made.

As a result, this message is more about thinking before you act.  And about making sure that the steps taken are taking me in the right direction, the direction that I want to go in, rather than allowing my choices to force me into decisions and directions I wasn’t planning on going in.


#TarotForGrowthJanuary Challenge Prompt
: What energy did I bring along into 2020?

Field Tarot

Reading Summary:  I’m feeling a bit of disappointment over the past year (Five of Cups) and want to move forward with changes to how I juggle (Two of Disks) my business and ambitions over the next year (Ace of Wands).

Take Away:  I’ve mentioned this in previous readings, so it’s not a huge surprise that it would come up today with this question.  I feel like my plate has been too full with work related mess over the past year, and I need to put some priority on the more administrative side of things in order to help my business grow.

I always set the administrative side of things to the back burner and then things end up a bit of a mess. Moving into the new year I’m carrying with me that desire to try balancing things in a different way, the disappointment of the year behind me there to push me onward into that goal.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2020 Challenge Prompt
Gideon… This is not just a reading prompt, but also an invitation for you to join me in one of the tarot discord servers I am a member of.  It is my congratulations gift to you for having completed the first stage of your lessons in the tarot, and I have been looking forward to giving it to you for some time.  I hope you will decide to join me.
Question:  Do Spread #1

Maregician Tarot Sleeplessness EditionReading Summary:   This is a spread about the wicked witch of the deep south.  I did not choose the target of the spread, but rather allowed the spread to choose for me.  The King of Clubs indicates that the negative influence she had over my life was to yank me forward into that habit of mine of being over-analytical while stuffing my feelings in a box to the side.  The Moon indicates that in return, my negative aspect on her was to create within her a sense of uncertainty.  The Star indicates that the positive influence that they had upon my life was in planting the seeds of inspiration to get more deeply in touch with my spirituality.  The Two of Hearts indicates that my positive influence on her life is that she developed a closer, deeper bond her crones as a result of our encounter and that possibly one in particular in her group stepped forward in a big way in this capacity at that time.

Take Away:  What I get from this spread is that my encounter with the wicked witch of the deep south created not just bad things… but also benefits.  This is something that’s not always easy for me to see, but I do understand how it works, as even negative experiences have positive aspects in how they play out.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt
:  My biggest challenge this year.

Lighteater’s Tarot

Reading Summary:  Mmm well, this is a new deck, and I’m apparently going to have to work past the whole face of the guy in the Knight of Staves because he looks JUST like this super slob gross person that used to live next door.  Just sayin’.  Onward to the reading…

Working with others can always be quite challenging for me (Three of Coins), but if I want to advance in my ambitions concerning my business (Knight of Staves) I am going to have to find a way to be the boss and direct a helper while keeping my own issues about working with others stable and centered, and my eye on the ball (King of Staves).

Take Away:  Now that I’ve moved on from my last helper and her undependable ways, it’s going to be necessary to reassess my own reactions to working with others and search for someone that is a better fit for the way I work.   Preferably someone far more dependable than the last.   This won’t be an easy process, but if I’m proactive in the approach, I’ll be able to find what I need.