The Sweet Spot

Today’s meditation was… Hell.  I know I did it.  I just can’t remember it?  This is the folly of doing a post a day late.   Not that it’s happened before, but I knew it was about to happen eventually.

Temperance - Spacious TarotToday’s draw is the Temperance card from the major arcana, and I just have to say?  I really love this depiction.  I think it really expresses for me what temperance is all about.  It’s that middle road between two extremes.

This feels like a reminder about the whole “slow and steady” plan, which has been something that’s difficult to keep in mind.  Especially today when I’ve been working hard to get my ass through a sudden rush of orders.

I think that it’s a good idea that I’m leaving work at home on this trip, and for once I’m not really feeling all that bad about it.   I think that might have to do more than burnout than with having found some sort of balance, but either way…. I’ll take it.


#TarotForGrowthJanuary Challenge Prompt
: What good thing have I already manifested this year?

Ember + Aura Tarot

Reading Summary:  Taking charge (The Emperor).  New emotions (Ace of Cups) directed by a centered balance of energy (Diviner of Wands).  Temptations (The Devil) and new emotional growth (Daughter of Cups).

Take Away:  This is something I’ve mentioned in a previous reading earlier this week, but it refers to finding a certain amount of balance and control of my addictions and their more destructive influences through examination of what these effects are and how to mitigate them.  What else is showing in this reading, though, is how my emotions, and especially that new depth of emotion I’ve begun to grow into over the past six months, also factors in and influences my temptations and behaviors.

In other words, the good thing that has manifested this year is the fact that I can see these connections clearly, and I am not just aware of them but taking steps to control them rather than allowing them to control me.

I also see a clear correlation between the safe in the Emperor card, the Ace of Cups card, and the Devil card.  This speaks to me about the danger of closing myself off to these new emotions and the negative results that can manifest.

The combination and color coordination between the Diviner of Wands and the Daughter of Cups also brings up the fact that with this new “leveling up” and new development of emotions, I need to allow myself to stay open wide to sharing this experience, even as I focus on staying balanced.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2020 Challenge Prompt
: What is a very positive thing in your life you are overlooking?

Forest Creatures Tarot

Reading Summary:  Look at all those coins.   My work (Three of Coins) has provided me with security (Queen of Coins) and a safe and steady outlet for my passions (King of Wands) while providing me with what I need to have a stable home (Four of Coins).

Take Away:  This is something that, in my emotional upheaval over the past couple of months, I’ve lost sight of for a bit.  I’ve lost a good deal of my passion and “spark” for creation through the fear and stress that has been overwhelming me.   It’s caused me to over look the parts about running my own business that I love the most.   That is, the fact that I have  the ability to control my own destiny and create my own sense of stability within my life while allowing my creative spark free reign.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt
: How can I hold myself accountable In relation to asking for help?

Bohemian Animal Tarot

Reading Summary:  The first two cards here are the same cards used on Saturday to represent that foggy-mind situation that I have been stuck in lately. The Rook and The Warrior indicate that I need to remember what I have to lose and depend upon my strength to push forward toward resources for healing rather than the weakness of burying it.

Take Away:  The thing about that box and burying negative emotions and worries?  It feels like strength.  It really does feel like by doing so I am bolstering my strength and the walls are sold.  But that is a lie.   It’s a lie because when you try to build -anything- on that foundation, over time the foundation begins to fester and rot… and then everything is at risk of collapsing and landing you worse off than you were before, all because you didn’t deal with it properly the first time around.