Nudge Nudge

Today’s meditation was fifteen minutes long and was not particularly relaxing, although I really tried.  I think I was just too excited about the snow and couldn’t settle to get myself in the zone.  Even my yoga/physio was a bit restless and difficult to stick on track with today.

Three of Wands - Spacious TarotToday’s draw is the Three of Wands, which… seems to be what the Spacious tarot really wants me to see a lot of this month.  Out of the seven times I’ve drawn from this deck so far this month, five of them have given me wands.

The Three of Wands is about planning the path to one’s goals and ambitions, and beginning the execution of those plans.

It really feels like the deck is trying to tell me to get my ass in gear… which, has been difficult.  It’s definitely trying to light a fire under my ass, though…. or rather, prod me with a stick to get me moving.

Today’s guidance from this deck is that you can think about what you want all you want to, but at some point you have to start moving forward.   Now’s the time.


#TarotForGrowthJanuary Challenge Prompt
: What risk does the universe want me to take this year?

Bohemian Animals Tarot

Reading Summary:  Learn to celebrate your accomplishments more (Four of Fire) and put yourself out there to help others discover theirs as well (The Shaman).  Also, seeking emotional stability through immersion (Queen of Water).

Take Away:  I’m very skilled at minimizing my accomplishments and/or discounting them as “nothing”.  It always feels awkward and a bit of a risk to me to not do that, as if I might fall into a pit of pridefulness (new word!) and become a jackass because of it… or something.  By the same turn, helping others requires accepting and being comfortable to put myself out there, and… I really hope I don’t come off as a prideful jerk doing so.  Just sayin’.

In the Queen of Water card, you can see the little seal in the far background submerged in water, yeah?   That is what stuck out to me in this card.  With weight put on that little figure’s presence, the card is telling me that if I want to find a stable balance with my emotions, I’m going to have to immerse myself into them and do the work at becoming familiar and comfortable with them, and that in doing that I will (over time) learn (and earn) that stability I seek.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2020 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #3  Will I have found a way to connect with and communicate with my spirit guide(s) by the end of the spring?

Vintage Oracle Tarot

Reading Summary:  Following uncertainty and darkness between the Moon and the Two of Swords, the darkness bleeds over from the moon into the card beside it.  This means there’s going to be a good deal of it throughout the spring on this issue.  There is also a color match between the girl’s dress and the ground upon which the Hermit treads, speaking of  a connection between her feelings of needing to work with intuition more rather than physical senses is going to be the foundation of my path forward.   In the sky, the light grows from utter darkness to moonlight glow, to a great full shine moving forward to the right in the Hermit card, which speaks of a progression but not of actual success, as the light is not in the foreground and bleeds off the card into the future beyond the time limit of the reading’s parameters.

Take Away:  The answer is no.  There will be a clusterfuck of confusion and uncertainty at first until I find a balance within myself that allows me to tap into the inner voice and intuition needed.  Once I find that balance, the path forward will lie before me.  I will make progress over this time period, but I won’t accomplish the reading’s goal by the end of spring. 


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt
: How can I improve my time management?

Golden Art Nouveau Tarot

Reading Summary:  Get moving on my goals (Knight of Wands) and stop (Death) lollygagging (Six of Cups).  Take a different perspective (Hanged Man) on my addictions and interests (Devil), and turn them around into something more useful than their current state (the Hanged Man is on top).

Take Away:  This reading is about distractions and how I have been letting distractions do a lot more distracting lately than usual over the past couple of weeks.   The cards are telling me that it’s time to get back on track, and indicating the distractions that need the most work in order for time management to improve. 

The distractions represented here are the Six of Cups and the Devil, which speak to the childlike fun I’ve been having with some of the games on my phone, and the bit of overwhelmed distraction I’ve been experiencing concerning my deck collection.  The first I need to work more on.  The second is going to resolve itself now that I have a new bookshelf to work with and can begin sorting things out in a different manner for better organization.