Wild and Free Lenormand Reading

Wild and Free Lenormand Reading with the Steampunk Lenormand

In what way am I feeling confined?

Cross and House – Too much time indoors will make you feel stagnant and stymied. So much of your spiritual path can be taken outside, so stop trying to do it all indoors. With spring arriving, the weather is turning and you have plenty of opportunity to step out into the fresh air now.

What part of me wants to grow more wild and free?

Snake and Tree – There is a warning here that you need to get to a doctor and get checked out.  Something is wrong physically, and it’s time to deal with it so that it is not given the opportunity to “grow more wild and free” in your body or your life.  Call the doc.

What will I attract if I open up and allow my true colors to shine?

Coffin and Bear – A shift in abundance of resources for the better.  This will allow for a greater amount of security through the boon that these changes can offer.


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