What You Really Want To Be Doing

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Healing Waves TarotToday’s draw is the Tower card, which is traditionally a representation of the chaotic power of destruction, sudden changes, upheaval in one’s life, and the need to rebuild what has been torn down by these elements and factors.

Okay so hot take here, but what I see when I look at this card is… an orgasm.

Maybe it’s because today is orders day and Gideon and I had to cut our play short last night, and I’m eager to get back to the play we were doing because it was super hot and intimate… but that’s what I see.

Today’s message? Get what needs to be done finished so that you can go back to what (um… who) you -really- wanna do.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Question for March 13th: What is blocking me right now?

Shaman's Dream OracleReading Summary: You are lost (Drifter) in a melancholy fog (Whale Song) instead of experiencing clarity and connection with the world around you (Jeweled Web).

Take Away: This has to do with the depression and the fact that you are stuck in the MDE’s pit right now.

Just remember that it won’t last forever and you will rise back to the surface again.  That clarity and connection will return, just as it has in every other MDE you’ve gone through.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for March 13th
: Do Spread #2
Question: A check-in on how I’m going to feel about living here once the construction across the alley from my place is finished.

Healing Waves TarotReading Summary: The gray shows that the emotions on this will start out “meh” and develop into thoughts of resentment before eventually settling into something more grounded and accepting.

There is no red in the last card. The amount in the first indicates the “meh” is suppressed anger that, once out in the open (red located on the arrows), will begin to heal (lack of red in Queen of Earth).

The blue in the first card is lacking in all the others, indicating that you are going to miss being able to see the sky more than you realize, and it will be a thorn in that suppressed anger’s “paw” that only time will be able to pull out.

Take Away:  Anger and resentment, a time of adjustment, and no indication of moving to a new location. This is on track with the first time that I pulled cards on this topic, indicating that the trajectory of my feelings concerning the new building going up across the alley hasn’t changed.


Daily Self Kindness

I am playing catch up with this post, and I can’t remember what I might have done as a self-kindness on this day other than I know I made sure to eat my yogurt, take my vitamins, and drink my tea with its collagen peptides in it.