Onus and Ownership

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Soul Cats TarotToday’s draw is the Judgement card, which is traditionally a representation of looking back on one’s history and reflecting upon if they are happy with all that they have done and become in life, as well as getting in touch with one’s true calling, and themes to do with forgiveness and absolution.

When I saw the imagery for this card today, what I heard was “Don’t be the one that hides in the hole.”

This is about ownership. It can be hard to accept when you’ve done something wrong, fucked up in some way, or are just wrong about something. No matter how natural it is that we all make mistakes, the problem comes in that when we are  unable to accept our role in things, we are unable to learn from those mistakes.  Not only that, but we look less than stellar to others (as well as to ourselves) when shirking responsibility when things go wrong.

Today’s card is a reminder to stand up and be counted. Own your mistakes and learn from them in order to become a better person. Don’t hide your mistakes, fuck ups, and other screwed up shit you’ve done from yourself and the world, but instead let it be seen, and show how you’ve learned from it… and how you are now a better person for the experience you’ve gained.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheMarchTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt
Questions for March 28th

Dream Interpretation OracleWhat did I learn throughout this month?

Loneliness and Dogs – You have learned throughout this month that you are not alone, even when you feel at your most lonely. There are those trustworthy and loyal to you that will always be there for you to depend on. You just need to speak up sometimes to make sure they know that you’re in need of more of their attentions.

What was my major lesson?

Shouting and Food – Your major lesson is that if you are more open with your feelings and your needs, it can help in sustaining you through the roughest of moments. Bottling things up does nothing but make you sick inside, better to let out how you feel and let people see what you need. Then there is a far better chance of being emotionally (and physically) satiated.

What was my minor lesson?

Moon and Exceptionality – Your major lesson for this month is a reminder to stay true to yourself and seek balance in all things, and that in doing so, you will shine brightly in the world. It can be hard to stay attuned with oneself when struggling with depression and outside chaos doesn’t help.  Reconnecting with yourself can help in guiding you through these moments, though and bring you out the other side with a greater understanding and greater skills than when you started.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
(Adjusted) Question for March 28th: How can I trust myself to know when to look at the ‘little white book’?

Soul Cats TarotReading Summary: You have been reading for a long time and have the traditional meanings down pat (The Hierophant), and are able to then apply those meanings wisely to most situations (Strength). But, sometimes your connection with that ethereal “other” (The Star) is taking a rest (Four of Swords).

Take Away: I rarely bother with the “little white book” in the first place. Granted, I’ve been reading cards a really long time. So, I had to rephrase this question a bit to apply to me and my practice.

These cards indicate that sometimes traditional meanings just don’t cut it. Usually, this is where intuition and spiritual connections comes into play, but there are times when I lack the energy and resources in that area. At those times, looking at the LWB can give some needed extra perspective and a little boost to a far too quiet intuitive voice.


Daily Self Kindness

I took a few breaks throughout my work day today to make sure that I wasn’t pushing myself too hard.