Larceny in the Soul

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Inkromancy 2 Apocalypse Tarot - TemperanceToday’s draw is the Temperance card, which is traditionally a representation of moderation, patience, and finding balance between the spiritual, emotional, and earthly planes.

I love her horns. I think more Temperance cards should have angels with horns in them.  I feel like it shows a whole different aspect of balance and moderation that a lot of people don’t get when confronted with the connected cups that are traditionally present.

The horns in the imagery of this card speaks to me of one’s integrity, and the old adage about having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

Today’s card is a reminder that everyone “has a little larceny in their soul”, so to speak.  That is to say, we all have temptations and faults, we all lie in one way or the other, we all do bad things… or things we shouldn’t.  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t learn.  It is in learning from these things that we become better people, so make sure you are accepting the “bad” in yourself along side the good.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for March 29th
: What do I need to focus on for self-care for the upcoming new moon?

50 Extraordinary Dragons OracleReading Summary: You are still having problems connecting with your motivations and drive right now (Draconic Shadow). Remember to keep trying to find that focus and inspiration (Ruby Coatl), and it will develop into being (Firewing Egg) as the darkness gradually begins to fade into the distance.

Take Away: Motivation is a difficult thing when the depression is riding you. As the depression eases, it’s much like a rebirth in many ways, and your motivation and inspiration is one of those things.  Don’t be impatient with the darkness, as it will lift at its own pace just as an embryo develops within an egg at its own pace and will hatch when it’s ready.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheMarchTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt
Questions for March 29th thru 31st

Inkromancy 2 Apocalypse TarotIn what area have I grown throughout the last few weeks?

Knight of Cups and Emperor – You are starting to get back in touch with your emotions and are regaining control. This month has been steeped in the darkness of the depression’s pit, but over the past couple weeks you have begun to claw your way back toward the light. As you move closer and closer to the light, you will gain more control over yourself and your environment, and be able to experience more joy in the journey.

What am I guided to leave behind of part with moving forward?

Two of Wands and Ten of Pentacles – Continue plotting the course forward away from the mentality of “All is lost”, and into one of abundance. There is a need to leave behind that perspective of loss, and a little planning can help you in getting there.  It requires making the choice of looking at things in a more positive perspective.

Where am I to take my journey moving forward?

Knight of Pentacles, Two of Swords atop Five of Swords – Stand up and start moving. Again, we see that this rests upon choices, and not always easy ones. You have to make the choice to defeat the darkness, or buckle under its weight and let it drag you down again.  The progress might be slow, but you are getting there.  Keep fighting.


Daily Self Kindness

L and I went to Olive Garden on a gift card yesterday and I ate so much I was still full and sporting a food baby two hours later.

🌑 New Moon in Aries – March 2022

On Monday is the new moon, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us. Today’s spread is about the medicine within, and brought to you by Ethony‘s Tarot by the Moon series.

Faery Temple Oracle

The card you’ve chosen to represent the change you want to bring about.

Rebirth – I want to rise out of the darkness of depression’s pit into the light and feel renewed again. It’s time to make the climb, and I’m trying, but it feels like it’s taking forever and that I’m not getting anywhere. I know that I am, in fact, getting there… I just long to feel that renewal of perspective, awareness, and joyous enjoyment that I know is coming. I wish I could just do it… experience it through will alone, but it is something that must unfurl at its own pace.

The most likely outcome if you make this change.

Shine – A return to self and boost of energy that will allow you to shine brightly for a time. Light and energy in free flow allowing your creative self to spark to shimmer and shine brightly.

What boundaries do I need to set during this change?

Revel – Make sure you are enjoying it, and not bogging yourself down or taking it for granted.

Just as you see the minute details of the forest and take pictures of them to share with the world while others tread the path and see nothing but “trees”, so too do you need to look at life and not allow negativity to influence you from missing out on the small treasures and other good stuff.

What do I need to let go of to move forward?

Flight – Fear. Don’t curl up and hide away, protecting yourself from those things that you fear. Instead, let go of your fear so that you can move forward beyond it and discover, in having done so, that what you feared was not that big of a deal after all.

What do I need to remember during this change?

Consequence – What you focus on is what manifests into reality. If you focus on the bad stuff, it’s the bad stuff that comes true. So make sure that you’re focusing on the good stuff. This way you are getting what you want out of the experience, instead of what you don’t want to come to pass manifesting as a consequence of where your focus lies.

Where do I need to be careful? Continue with caution around this.

Resilience – Don’t forget that at the moment you are the one that needs support. You are so open and willing to support others in so many different ways, but your energy is not boundless. Make sure you are saving some of that energy for yourself right now. You’ll survive the transition either way, but it’ll be a far more pleasant experience if you have more a bit more energy and give yourself a bit more slack for the time being.

What/who is my ally?

Pleasure atop Authenticity – Your allies at this time (and always, for that matter) are those that enjoy spending time with you and accept you exactly for who you are, quirks and flaws included. You may have a hard time believing this is true, but they are out there and they love you… just as you are.

New Moon advice from the Minoan Goddess Amalthea.

Make a Wish – It’s time to get back into doing your daily devotional to connect with the energies and elements that you want to keep as a part of your practice. This has been neglected for too long. And, you should begin including Amalthea in this daily ritual.