Calm Comes After the Storm

Today’s meditation was skipped (again).

Tarot of the Toiling HandsToday’s draw is the Five of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of discouragement and dissatisfaction, disappointment, regrets, and looking at situations from a pessimistic perspective.

Here we see a woman weeping “over spilled milk”.  Instead of picking herself up, cleaning up the mess, and moving on to figure out how to get past this moment, she chooses to crouch down and linger there in the moment instead.  This draws out her pain and doesn’t do anything to help the situation.

And yet… sometimes?  You just have to pause and cry.  Crying can be cathartic. It can be healing.  It can -help- in releasing stress and finding the calm within.  When I look at this card?  That is what I see in this imagery.  She’s not dawdling because she’s lost in the moment, but rather she is purging those negative feelings through her tears so that she can then deal with things more calmly afterward.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for March 3rd and 4th

Oracle des HaïkusWhen am I intuitively confident?

Illusion and Sincérité – You use your intuition to navigate the world and social situations.

In doing so, this allows you to see beneath the masks of others and discern who is honest and sincere, and who is not. You are very confident in this ability, as it’s something that you’ve been doing throughout your entire life.

When am I intuitively insecure?

Evasion and Confiance – When logic tries to step in and muddy the waters of your intuitive voice, it steals confidence from you in the same way that autumn steals leaves from the trees.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for March 3rd and 4th

Tarot of the Toiling HandsWhat is my greatest weakness?

Three of Swords atop The Lovers – Your greatest weakness is in allowing your moods and bouts of depression to pull you away from making healthy choices for yourself.  In these times, your emotions are too overwhelming, and even when you know what the good choices are, you cannot manage to make them.

How can I best improve in the area of this weakness?

Seize control (The Emperor) and “do the thing” (The Chariot), regardless of whether or not you are enthusiastic about it at the time (Knight of Cups).

This is the advice that the shrink has given you again and again, and all the good intentions in the world fall short when, in the moment, you don’t follow through.  Here in these cards we see that the key to following through is in seizing control and forging forward even when your emotions push back.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m still playing a bit of catch-up at the moment and I can’t remember what my self-kindness was for this day.

Fresh Air Lenormand Reading

Le Nouvel Oracle du Petit Lenormand

What is weighing on my mind right now?

La Femme and La Maison – Nesting issues. I feel like I’m twisting in the wind when it comes to the bookshelves that I want to put up and get organized.  I need to start taking things one small step at a time instead of looking at the whole with longing and berating myself for not getting anything done.

How can I free myself from these oppressive thoughts?

Le Deuil and Le Livre – It’s time to set aside old ways and instead seek new, better methods and options. These old habits aren’t serving me and they’re actually harming me as well as my progress. Time to find a better way forward.

What fresh new perspective will benefit me?

Le Chance and Le Serpent – Keep a skeptical eye on lady luck right now.  There’s a lot of hidden pitfalls among the weeds at the side of your path right now, and you can’t depend on lady luck to have your back in all things. Better to watch your step… just in case.