Talent For All

IMG_9171Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long, and was another of the guided #dailycalm sessions from the Calm app.  The focus of today’s meditation was about self-kindness, and about knowing what we want for ourselves.

It spoke of treating ourselves as we would treat others, and thus showing that we see ourselves as worthy of love and kindness as we do those around us.  Thus, in turn, others learn to treat you well… and treat themselves well also.

Spirit Keepers Tarot Revelation EditionToday’s draw is the Magus (Magician), which is traditionally a representation of resourcefulness, skill, and acting on one’s inspiration. The Magician is the one that has all the tools, all the skills, and all that is needed at their fingertips in order to manifest what they desire.

In this card, there is also an element of performance involved in the imagery, as the figure in the image wears a theater mask upon their face.  I do not see this mask as one that hides the figure, but rather a mask that says “look at me… look what I can do”.

The message in today’s card is to own your skills and abilities.  It is a reminder that we are all unique, and it is our responsibility as individuals to explore and discover in order to find the skills and abilities that are unique to us alone.  No one is useless or without natural skills and abilities, but it is only through exploration of the world around us that we are able to discover what those are and how to use them to our best advantage.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for March 26th and 28th

Spirit Keepers Tarot Revelation EditionHow am I doing spiritually at this time?

Two of Scepters and Five of Scepters – There are challenges ahead, and at this time you are in the planning stages.

As recovery is your focus elsewhere in you life right now, it has meant needing to put spiritual matters as a lower priority, but as you recover from these issues elsewhere in your life, your spiritual practices and plans are coming back into focus. Just be prepared for some hurdles when you do start moving forward again.

How can I improve on where I am spiritually in the week ahead?

The Tower and Two of Swords – As you recover and rebuild from the chaos, take a moment to still and pause. Find your balance and your center, and get in touch with the decisions that need to be made. Look at them with a calm, cool head instead of a mind still influenced by the inner cacophony of the past and the chaos it wrought.


Daily Self Kindness

I started working on orders today for Tuesday’s shipping date.  I’m hoping that the work I got done today will help me in staying on top of things and not becoming overwhelmed as Tuesday gets closer.

Gideon’s Challenge

IMG_9121aSaturday Spellcraft

Whispered secrets
and scented smoke
as herbs make quiet
crunching sounds
in harmony
with the scrape
of pestle
within stone bowl
while energy rises
and swirls around
gathering strength
with every sound
of chiming bell
as it grows and grows
and then is released
as intentions flow

Photo © ZenStatePhotography