Have a Care What You Invest In

TIMG_9082oday’s meditation was just over eleven minutes long, and I cannot remember a single thing about it other than that the voice was soothing and quiet, and the background music was comforting. Still, it was a nice session, and I performed my piriformis stretching during the process.

I’m trying to get more on a regular schedule for this, but it’s been a bit touch and go so far.  I’ll keep trying, though.  Some is at least better than none.

Real Talk TarotToday’s draw is the World card, which is traditionally a representation of completion of a journey, accomplishment, moving on from a long journey and on to something new, and harmonious fulfillment.

Here in the imagery of this particular card, what I see more strongly than anything is harmony.  Community, and harmony.   Because of the element of community, it brings me to thoughts of where we want to go as a society.  The societal harmony that many strive for, and how far we are from finding it… even though it feels like the world -is- trying.

In this imagery, I see what I long for.  Connection and community that encompasses the world.  Harmony between countries and races and creeds.  And yet, I am so often disappointed when I hope for this exact thing and then am confronted with closed minded people and horrible judgements and actions.

I am disappointed again and again lately, especially when I see or hear the news.

Today’s card is a reminder to look toward what I personally can do, instead of paying so much attention to the world stage that I find myself closing myself off, seeing that disappointment in everywhere and everything.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2022 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question for March 23rd
: Is happiness an inherent desire or is it learned behavior?

Giri Game CardsReading Summary: It is natural and inherent to desire happiness (Chicken). But what is learned is how we define happiness (Summer and School).

Take Away: Everyone’s definition of happiness is different, and it is this definition that is learned through experience and through the examples of others.

The desire for happiness, though?  That is natural.  It’s a part of being human… of being mortal. We all long for happiness, and not just humans, but animals as well.  We seek it out.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Question for March 23rd and 24th

Real Talk TarotHow can I better use my senses to tune into my intuition?

Four of Swords and King of Pentacles – When you are grounded and well rested, your intuition speaks louder.

It already speaks through your senses and you are very adept at interpreting them, but when you aren’t rested and grounded, you are more apt to miss the signals or misinterpret what they are trying to say.

How can more easily I move through my intuitive blocks?

Six of Pentacles atop Six of Wands – Don’t allow your desire to please others distract you from where you need to be focusing.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m playing a bit of catch up and have no idea what self kindness I might have done for myself on this day.

Weekly Creativity Prompt – The First Flower

Prompt: “Draw (at least) three random cards. Use these cards to tell the story (real or fictional) of one of spring’s first flowers and its experiences.”

Aisare Garu No Gaikotsu TarottoBuried deep within frozen soil
darkness pressing in
on all sides
I wait
until the thaw begins
to relax the earth
and my cage becomes a womb
and as I am nurtured
in that mothering embrace
I break free of my shell
and begin to stretch
and stretch
a calling from within pulling me
from furled tender stem
to towering stem
where the sun bathes my petals
and I watch over those below
still waiting
to grow