A Little Nudge

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Tarot of MusterbergToday’s draw is the Six of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of success, especially the sort of success that garners public recognition, people pleasing, high praise from others, and public accolades.

I am reminded today that sometimes a little bit of public “push” is a good thing. I’ve been dragging my feet on working on this whole “reorganization” project.  What I found is that when someone asked about it?  I realized just how long it had been since I’d made any sort of progress on it… or effort.

I’m not sure that I would consider this “peer pressure” but it is definitely a nudge from a peer.  It’s a good thing, in this case though.  The expectations of others might not be something I’m motivated to meet on the regular as my own expectations are so much more stringent, but it really brings home that you’re slacking off when you’re not meeting either of them… not even a little bit.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheMarchTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt
Questions for March 7th thru 9th

Raccoon Oracle CardMarch Animal Guide – Raccoon – Teamwork and finding healthy balance between independence and community, goal-oriented, ingenuity, industriousness, cleanliness, curiosity, adaptability, and equality.

Write down three traits of your animal guide that you like.

Curiosity – Curiosity is the first step into the realm of creativity. It inspires us to explore and draws us in to engage with the world around us.

Ingenuity – When one’s mind is flexible and we are able to peek “outside the box” the world opens up to us and allows us to accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

Teamwork – I find it fascinating when animals work together, and even more so when they are clever and creative in doing so. Raccoons work together in goal oriented ways to solve problems and accomplish tasks they couldn’t do on their own. They are often solitary animals, yet they specifically come together for this purpose when it’s needed and their cleverness is compounded in these times.

Tarot of MusterbergIn what area have I neglected these traits in my life?

CuriosityThe Fool – Creativity offers a sense of adventure in the world that you have been lacking of late. Some of this is due to your depression.  You’ve not had much of a chance to find your equilibrium after the holiday rush so far. In the shuffle and chaos, you’ve lost touch a bit with your adventurous spirit that is fed by your innate curiosity.

IngenuityKnight of Swords – Same for your feelings of motivation. It’s hard to be creative, enthusiastic, and quick on your feet when you’re out of balance and struggling with depression. The upping of meds has helped keep you from dropping into the pit, but you are still feeling the effects in other ways.  This is one of those ways.

Teamwork The Emperor – Sometimes delegating comes easily, but in times like now… not so much. If you don’t make sure the work is spread around, though, you’ll end up overwhelmed and have to deal with burnout. Better to hand out the responsibilities fairly instead of letting them pile up on your own shoulders.

In what way can I use each trait in my life right now?

CuriosityQueen of Wands – Reconnect with well known passions and allow the inspiration of others to spark your own. You’re not in this alone and even little glimmers of the curiosity within you can help to rekindle the fire as the depression begins to lift.

IngenuityKnave of Chalices – Seeing your emotions in a different light, as well as how they influence your behavior and your life, can help you in connecting with this quality in your life.

The guy in this card seems to be looking out and asking “what’s inside this cup?” while holding it too high to actually look inside.  Ask yourself… is the depression really an emotion?  Or is it a mental health issue? Why are you treating it as the former when it’s the latter?

Teamwork Two of Coins – In order to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, you need to step up and delegate. And that’s exactly what it is: Stepping Up. Delegating isn’t avoiding responsibility, just a different way of fulfilling one’s responsibilities in a… responsible manner. It’s going to be necessary in order to keep things in a healthy balance.


Daily Self Kindness

I asked Jer to come by tomorrow to help me in cleaning out the basement storage.  There’s a crapload of craft stuff down there that I’ve been holding onto with the intention of returning to old projects.  But the thing is?  That stuff has been down there for years and I haven’t even thought about it or touched it once. Other than the tools and a couple of expensive pieces of equipment, it’s all going to charity tomorrow.