Fake It ‘Til You Make It… or Not

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Rosenwald TarotToday’s draw is the Page of Coins, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s finances, resources, health, home, or manifestations.

The imagery in this card makes the “coin” that the woman holds look more like a mirror to me. It begs the question… what are you showing the world?

You know that adage “fake it until you make it”?  It’s a common manifestation tool. The thing is?  What are you faking, and are those things really something you want to manifest in your life?  If not… it’s time to let them go.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Question for March 5th: How am I using my intuition in life right now?

Celtic Spirit OracleReading Summary: It is a strength (Oak) that you use as a doorway to communicate with others (The Gift) in a more peaceful manner (Peacemaker).

Take Away: My intuition helps me in navigating social situations. I’m not particularly skilled at reading people’s facial expressions and body language. By using my intuition I am able to better understand what others are saying (and not saying), and better able to express myself in turn.

In this case, I would say this is more about clairsentience than about intuition, but I believe that intuition also plays a pretty heavy role in things when it comes to trying to communicate with others successfully… especially since at times I turn to the cards to help me in figuring out how to broach a subject or steer a conversation.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for March 6th
: Do Spread #1
What do I need to let go of to…

Rosenwald TarotEase My Mind

Nine of Swords and Knight of Pentacles – Stop worrying so much about the slower pace of getting things done. There’s no race, and no finish line that won’t still be waiting for you when you go at your own pace.

The shelves will get done. Getting things reorganized will get done. Stop pushing at yourself and berating yourself for taking things slow. As long as you’re moving… that’s enough.

Lighten My Heart

Temperance and Queen of Pentacles – It’s okay to pick and choose who you support and how you support them. It doesn’t make you an ogre that you can’t support everyone and everything.

This is about some guilt I’ve been feeling about requesting a refund for unfulfilled orders from a deck creator. They are in the Ukraine, which is where the guilt is coming from. The thing is? It’s been two years I’ve been waiting for fulfillment. And $380 is a lot of money to just write off as lost. Some people out there make enough that that isn’t all that much of a financial loss… but I’m not one of those people and I feel like I’ve been swindled.

Free My Creative Spark

The Empress and Justice – You need to let go of the idea that there will be negative repercussions to treating yourself kindly.


Daily Self Kindness

See the cards used in today’s post?  THAT is my self kindness for today. I just got both of those decks in the mail yesterday, and instead of scheduling them into rotation for some point in the future, I decided to use them today.

Empowerment Cartomancy Reading

Empowerment Reading with the Bo-Hwa Playing Cards

How can I be more empowered in my:

Thoughts?Eight of Clubs – Don’t sit still for so long. Instead act. There is too much time spent thinking and not enough time spent doing.  This causes you to have doubts and stall out, when you could be moving forward.

Words?Ace of Diamonds -Speak up instead of remaining silent. Stop thinking that people are looking at you negatively when you open up and speak your mind. Don’t worry about that so much, as what you have to say is new to most and more well said than you think.

Deeds?Six of Spades – Remember that it’s you who chooses when to engage, or when to walk away.

And then:

What will be the outcome if I take this advice?

A stronger sense of (the cat’s eyes are closed) emotional harmony (Six of Hearts) and physical well-being (Six of Diamonds) surrounding a well grounded nurturing of self (Queen of Diamonds, with emphasis on the box in the imagery).

By not indulging in the things that poison your roots and cause imbalance, you allow yourself to build upon a stronger and more solid foundation. A foundation that will allow you to more easily make the choices that are best for you, rather than allowing other’s judgements and influences effect your process.