Fresh Air Lenormand Reading

Le Nouvel Oracle du Petit Lenormand

What is weighing on my mind right now?

La Femme and La Maison – Nesting issues. I feel like I’m twisting in the wind when it comes to the bookshelves that I want to put up and get organized.  I need to start taking things one small step at a time instead of looking at the whole with longing and berating myself for not getting anything done.

How can I free myself from these oppressive thoughts?

Le Deuil and Le Livre – It’s time to set aside old ways and instead seek new, better methods and options. These old habits aren’t serving me and they’re actually harming me as well as my progress. Time to find a better way forward.

What fresh new perspective will benefit me?

Le Chance and Le Serpent – Keep a skeptical eye on lady luck right now.  There’s a lot of hidden pitfalls among the weeds at the side of your path right now, and you can’t depend on lady luck to have your back in all things. Better to watch your step… just in case.


One thought on “Fresh Air Lenormand Reading

  1. I’m so late on this…but I think it is time to start moving on the bookshelves, love
    You’ve stalled out.

    You will feel SO much better and so much satisfaction when it’s done.

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