Look Up

Today’s meditation was skipped in deference for sleep today.

Spooky Cats Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Four of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of apathy and disinterest, dejection and reflection, as well as times of quiet meditation. The key here is in the hand that offers the fourth cup, and the fact that the figure either does not see the offer, or is rejecting it in an apathetic response.

When struggling, sometimes it can be hard to see beyond the misery of the moment.  I’ve dealt with this a lot in life when dealing with my major depressive episodes and times of recovery after injury.  It just… you feel stuck. Stuck, and alone, and miserable.  It can be hard to realize that the misery is only temporary… hard to believe in those times that there is an end in sight and things will get better.

It can be equally hard to see that there are people out there that want to help… are trying to help.

The reminder in today’s cards is to make sure that you look up and see what’s being offered during these times, welcome the help that people are offering instead of closing yourself off and assuming you are all alone. It’s not easy, but it helps those times be a little less painful, and eases the amount of misery experienced while waiting for things to feel better.


PatriciaWestonWitch’s #wwpwHalloweenLenormand Prompt
Questions for October 18th thru 20th

Flowers From the Dead Oracle and Sugar Skull TarotWhat area of my life is full of tumbleweed?
Hawk and Death

Your ability to see changes in your life clearly is currently compromised. This is natural, and normal, but it makes going through these changes more difficult as there is an element of blindness involved, and this uncertainty can create hesitation.

What do I need to resurrect?
Chicken, The Lovers atop Wheel of Fortune Rx

Ensure you are approaching troubled times with bravery and the mindset of making healthy choices. You can’t always just trust everything is going to come out okay.  You have to actively make choices that will turn things the way you want them to go. This focus on making healthy choices will carry you through, instead of enabling you to self-sabotage and sink.

What needs to grow in my life?
Fox and Queen of Wands

It’s important to continue focusing on finding harmony between your indomitable drive and your self care. You can balance both and give up neither, but finding that balance is going to take time. More time, that is.


The #EmbraceYourAlterEgo2021 Challenge for Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for October 18th, and 20th thru 22nd

Spooky Cats TarotWhat fears do I have?

Page of Brooms atop Seven of Cups – You fear that you’ll miss out on what could be a fucking spectacular opportunity due to hesitation. There is a lot of holding back lately, and a lot of letting opportunities go in the hopes that they will come back to you later. This has caused the fear of “losing out” to rise and grow recently.

What actions am I afraid to take?

The Empress – You worry that all this focus on self care is going to make you soft and weak. Stamina has always been a corner stone of your ambition and drive, and you’re afraid to be too nice to yourself or too kind to yourself and, in the process, end up “losing your edge”.

Why do these actions scare me?

King of Pumpkins – The idea of losing your edge through self-kindness and self-nurturing scares you because you are so hyper focused on stability and security. In losing your edge, there is a risk of losing that stability and security that you’ve gained.

How can this help me and my Alter Ego merge?

Queen of Cups atop Four of Cups – By allowing me to see that we are there to help each other. That driven alter ego that these readings over the month so far have been about, and that side of myself that wants to treat myself better and be healthier… they are two sides of the same coin. They are both me, and they can help each other and support each other (instead of conflicting with each other) if given the chance.


Daily Self Kindness

Bless the angel of midday naps.  The fire safety people were here at the building to do their inspections today, and the gas people were also here to do their job checking the lines and getting pilot lights lit in fireplaces. That shit started even before I made it home from the farm and the constant alarms going off and people in and out was exhausting.  So, after it was over I took the most wonderful nap ever.

One thought on “Look Up

  1. Self care doesn’t make you weak, baby but helps you to be your very best self. It makes you stronger because it makes you healthier than you could ever be without it.

    It’s important so don’t lose that momentum

    I love you. Always

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