The Moral Compass

Today’s meditation was skipped, as today was orders day and there was just too much to get done.

Таро Темных Откровений and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Judgement card, which is traditionally a representation of looking back on one’s history and reflecting upon if they are happy with all that they have done and become in life, as well as getting in touch with one’s true calling, and themes to do with forgiveness and absolution.

The combination of today’s Thera-Pets card combined with the Judgement card is about looking at your life, your progress… and your setbacks, and accepting that we can’t go full speed ahead at every turn and every moment.

It’s okay to struggle sometimes.  It’s okay to go slow sometimes.

As long as you are continuing on the path to becoming the person that you -want- to be, and making decisions that you will look back on at the end of your life with pride in the person you were and have become instead of with regret or disgust?  Then you’re still doing absolutely spectacular.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 18th and 19th

Arcana Mortis TarotEnergy I’m EmittingSamhain and Ace of Wands – The energy that you are emitting at this time is a go get’em focus on the holiday rush to come with a deadline in mind landing squarely on Samhain. This energy is about drive and focus, and moving forward toward your goals.

What that Energy is AttractingCircle of Salt, Three of Swords Rx atop The Magician – Confidence and competence to keep depression at bay as long as needed to get through the busy months ahead. The “flex” of energy attracts more of the same, and as long as you ride this energy you will continue to be protected from depression issues during the months ahead.

What To Do About ItDemonic Presence and The Lovers – You need to make sure that you are making healthy choices, and not just falling into the temptation of bad habits and unhealthy options.

What do I need to focus on for self-care for this full moon?

Remember that your feelings of tiredness and the desire for isolation are emotion based (Four of Cups) and temporary (Phases). They are not based in reality, but they can have real-time consequences in how they pull you away from your work (Eight of Pentacles) and away from getting the things done that you need to do.


PatriciaWestonWitch’s #wwpwHalloweenLenormand Prompt
Question for October 17th
: What message do my animal spirit guides have for me today?

Таро Темных ОткровенийReading Summary:  Okay, so I have an issue with the illustration in the King of Cups today. He looks like some pansy ass fop of a guy about to get his toes pinched off by a couple of lobsters. I just had to get that out.

The theme here has to do with the Eight of Pentacles at the center. These cards indicate emotional indulgences (King of Cups) and the addictions that are spurred by emotions (The Devil) are both distractions to the work that you need to get done at this time (Eight of Pentacles).

Take Away: This is very true, but it’s also not necessarily a bad thing. At least, not as long as I don’t over indulge.  That is where things start to go awry and issues being to arise.


Daily Self Kindness

I can’t think of anything I did that was a kindness to myself other than making sure I had L’s help in packaging before bed so that it cut the time it took down by half.