The Magic Within

Today’s meditation was skipped again.  I keep telling myself that I’m going to get back on track… and yet? I still am skipping this.  Tomorrow is another day, yes?  Another try at doing better.  I do feel better today, though.

Tarot V and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Star card, which is traditionally a representation of hope, spiritual guidance, renewal, and the inter-connectivity of ourselves to the world around us and spiritual plane.

Today’s message reminds me of the saying “To the world you may be just one person, but one person, you may be the world.” Sometimes you are the Star in another persons life. You are their hope, their connection, their guiding light.

And you may not even realize it. It could be a coworker you’ve never spoken to, an employer, a friend, the barista at the coffee shop. To these people, you just being there lights up their lives, inspires them, or makes things better in some way that may seem small but makes a huge difference.

Don’t forget the magic you hold within you. Don’t forget how cherished you are by the world around you. You make a difference, whether you realize it or not.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2021 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 30th
: The last harvest is upon us. What needs to be discarded from my life?

Le Fantastique Tarot Hallucine du Dr ZarielReading Summary: Traditional (Le Pape) comforts and expectations (Ten of Diamonds) abandoned for what you really desire to push for and conquer (King of Clubs).

Take Away: This isn’t so much about giving up on the desire for stability and comfort, so much as setting thoughts of it on the back burner so that you can fully focus on the moment and what needs to be done now.

By allowing that focus to come to the forefront, you can focus deeper and accomplish more because the distraction isn’t there to pull your attention away from where it needs to be.


The #EmbraceYourAlterEgo2021 Challenge for Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for October 30th and 31st

PVRGATORIVM and Tarot VWhat messages do my Ancestors have for me?
Eight of Swords, Knight of Clubs, Prayer

Open your eyes when charging forward instead of taking things on faith. Yes, you are more than capable of “winging it” blindly and there is a time and place for that.  Now is not that time and place, though.

How can I express my gratitude for the remainder of the year?
Three of Coins, The Moon, Bound

Remember that when you work together, there is less uncertainty, and less struggle. Their fate is also bound to your fate, so it is only right that they should bear part of the load.

The message here is that it’s important to be grateful for those that are there to help you and support you in your endeavors. Make sure you are expressing that gratitude to these people.


Daily Self Kindness

I got Gideon time tonight.  Not enough, but it felt really good.

October Lessons Cartomancy Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“It’s about that time again! We are closing in on the end of October, a month full of festivities, harvests and rich culture. Let’s tone things down and enjoy that this week. 🎃”

Halloween Playing CardsWhat can I do for myself to celebrate this month?

King of Hearts atop Ace of Hearts – Spending time with Gideon is a must. You need his help to lift your spirits and breathe in some fresh air for you.

What aspect of my my life at this time can I obtain a useful skill from?

Two of Clubs – Looking where you’re going doesn’t have to be anxiety inducing. Planning a path forward doesn’t have to rip you off your stable foundation.

Are there any other current aspects of my life I could benefit from? How?

Four of Diamonds – Yes. You are supposed to be resting and caring for yourself right now, so stop beating yourself up about it. Without rest and recovery there is no stability.

What lesson(s) have I learned that can benefit me from October into November?

Eight of Diamonds – You are experienced in what lies ahead. The holiday rush is coming, but there’s no reason to be nervous about it.

How can I get the most out of these lessons?

Ace of Swords – Listen and accept. Open yourself to these lessons and absorb what they are teaching you. Let down that stubbornly hard, protective shell that is not needed.