Don’t Go Overboard

Today’s meditation was skipped yet again.  No excuses or anything.  I just didn’t do it.  I did have a good sleep for once, though.  Good enough I didn’t even need a nap today. That’s pretty damn amazing.

The Wizard's Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Eight of Beasts (Wands), which is traditionally a representation of speed, action, alacrity, and the need to move quickly.

Although I’m still in the middle of getting my days off, I am feeling the need to get at least some things done. I’ve decided to begin doing some of the smaller tasks and other things that need to be done in order to fulfill orders on the 12th.

At least in this way I can prepare myself for the order day that is on the way. I just have to remember not to go overboard on the “getting things done” mindset.


PatriciaWestonWitch’s #wwpwHalloweenLenormand Prompt
Questions for October 7th thru 9th

Dark Carnival TarotWhat area of my life needs to light up?

Queen of Axes (Swords) – It’s time to take all that clever knowledge and experience that you’ve gained from one year to the next, and apply it towards what’s coming and how to prepare during its approach.

What skeleton is hiding in my closet?

Ace of Faygos (Cups) – You’re feeling like you just began on your emotional journey, and yet it’s already time to put it away again to deal with other things.

What ghost from my past do I need to banish?

Ace of Duckets (Coins) – Your drive from more, always more. This issue is an influence from your father making you feel like you were never enough. You need to remember that you are enough, and you don’t have to do your absolute best on every single little thing. Sometimes “good” is enough, and it’s not okay to always be demanding more than that from yourself.


The #EmbraceYourAlterEgo2021 Challenge for Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for October 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th

The Wizard's TarotWhat mask am I wearing?

Knight of Cults (Pentacles) – You are still in the “fake it until you make it” stage of trying to slow down and take things at a slower and healthier pace.

What’s underneath my mask?

The Devil atop Three of Cults (Pentacles) Rx – Underneath that “fake it until you make it” mask is the  urge to alienate those that you work with by pushing too hard and expecting too much.

Why is this being hidden?

Three of Beasts (Wands) – This urge is being hidden because you are working on taking a new and better path for yourself. A path that is healthier and kinder for both yourself as well as those around you.

How do I remove this mask?

King of Swords – Easy. Fall back into old habits of control and strategy and ambition. Discard emotion for logic, and return to your old ways of doing things.

What will I uncover about myself?

King of Cults – That you can build and build and build upon your stability and security, but it will never be enough and you will always want to build more and more.

Take Away: Obviously, this is a healthy mask, and one that needs to stay in place. Not all masks are a bad thing, as seen here in this reading.


Daily Self Kindness

Laundry.  I’ve been putting off doing laundry for over two months. And the more it piled up, the more massive a project it felt like it was to accomplish until it felt impossible.  But… today?  I did laundry.  ALL of it.  All except the load with Miss Luna’s blanket in it.  I have to do that one tomorrow during the day when she’s not using it and won’t notice it’s missing for a couple hours.

Morning Bonus Read – Welcome to October

Welcome to October Tarot Reading - Ghost Boy Tarot

What should I focus on as October begins?

Page of Pentacles – Take things slow, but start looking into what needs to be done as the first step in prepping for the holiday rush. Make a list and start getting your ducks in a row. Begin doing some of the smaller tasks to get them out of your way.

The magic of October will help me grow in this area.

Three of Cups – Finding solace, comfort, and pleasure in the company of others. It’s not something you enjoy all this much regularly, but as things begin to pick up you will be reminded of all the benefits that come with the social aspects of life.

A special message for me as the veil thins.

Three of Wands – “Get your ass movin’, sweet cheeks.” Literally. That’s what I heard as this card hit the table.