Crawling Is Fine

Today’s meditation was… not exactly skipped today.  I didn’t do a full meditation, but I did spend some time doing a bit of breathing exercises while I worked on my piriformis stretching.

Skele-Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Hierophant card, which is traditionally a representation of the teachers of tradition. This involves organizations like churches and those that work there like priests, ministers, etc as well as wise women and wise men, spiritual guides, grandparents teaching family traditions, deans or principles that teach school traditions, etc.

I often see the Hierophant card as a symbol of one’s ancestors, and especially at this time of year when the veil is thin, this is how the card comes up for me in readings.  Here in these cards, that is exactly what the card is representing, as it is in reference to the work that I have been doing on developing my mediumship abilities and connecting more closely with my spirit guides and ancestors.

I often feel like I’m making absolutely no progress in this area.  I know that’s not true, but the progress is so… subtle. Its hard for me to pick up on it.  Today’s cards are a reminder that not all progress needs to happen in leaps and bounds, and just because that’s the type of progress I am used to making on the things I choose to focus on… doesn’t mean it’s always going to work that way.   That doesn’t discount or devalue the progress we are making, though. Even when that progress is at a crawl instead of a walk or run.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2021 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 14th
: How can I best release negativity carried forward from my ancestors to me?

Calaca TarotReading Summary: Everything balances itself out in time (Justice), just be sure that you’re using the inherited abilities you’ve gotten from your ancestors (Queen of Swords) differently than they have used them in the past (Death).

Take Away: Don’t be your mother. Have you ever wondered where she got the values that she has, and the ruthless pursuit of prestige she carries? She got those obsessions from her past.

You inherited her logical mind and her way with words. Instead of using these skills in narcissistic ways and to your own agenda in a game of “Life Chess” that you are hell bent on “winning”, make sure that you are using them to help others.


PatriciaWestonWitch’s #wwpwHalloweenLenormand Prompt
Questions for October 12th thru 16th

Crypto-Terra Myths and Monsters Cards and Skele-TarotWhat ghouls need to leave my life?
Loveland Frogman and Page of Pentacles

Stop letting your physical condition slow you down. This means you need to pick back up your full physio routine, return a regular meditation practice, and go back to cutting out the foods you know piss your body off. You can feel much better than you do now, but you have to commit to putting in the effort.

Where do I feel lucky?
Mamlambo and Page of Wands

Creativity comes easily to you, and is something you greatly enjoy. So much so that your mind is constantly in a creative learning state and becomes bored easily when that part you is not being sated.

What haunts me?
Silver Cat and The Empress

No matter how hard you try to attract that mothering energy to you crave from your mother, you will repeatedly discover that that well is dry.

What do I need to bury?
Grootslang, The Fool atop Page of Cups

Don’t just shed, but bury those imposters seeking to feed off your energy through manipulation of your naivety and still unseasoned emotional intelligence.  You may not be able to detect them immediately, but when you do, you need to use them as a lesson for others.

What do I need to sever from my life?
Mapinguari and Two of Cups

More sharing. Less greedy solitary time. Being alone right now is not healthy. You need all the help you can get to keep you uplifted and on track during this time.


Daily Self Kindness

I spent a good deal of time with Gid even though it was an orders day, and really enjoyed listening to him opening the surprise “just because” gifts that I sent.

Halloween Tarot Reading – Trick or Treat

Ghosts & Spirits Tarot

A card to represent something that is tricking me.

Five of Swords – I am feeling chased by the echoes of past habits and the anxiety that they carry with them. It’s that adrenaline feeling of needing to push, push, push.  With the holiday rush so close, I feel hounded by this, and the nagging cycles of inner dialogue that say I’m not ready and need to prepare for battle.

How I’m being fooled by this.

Four of Swords – It is stealing my rest.  I sleep but don’t feel rested because I’m not actually -resting- even in sleep. My mind is a tangle of what needs to be done, how to prepare, and hyping myself up. It is a tangle of knots that is stealing away my recovery and recuperation.

How I can gain a clear perspective and stop being tricked.

Ace of Wands – Focus on the new goals I’ve been leaning into over the past two years.  Focus on stepping away from old habits and building new ones. Let go of how I’ve done things in the past, and create better methods to take their place.

A card to represent a treat in my life.

Five of Pentacles – Loss. Scarcity.

A way that I can fully embrace this treat.

Page of Pentacles atop The High Priestess – Not always identified as a treat, loss and scarcity issues provide stabilizing encouragement to stay grounded, and hold a reminder to focus on the now and what is good in your life in the present instead of always looking forward to what you want to accomplish or what you’ve failed to earn.

Something I don’t yet understand about this treat.

Six of Cups – The true depths of where these scarcity issues come from hasn’t fully been grasped yet.