Perfectly Imperfect

Today’s meditation was yet again… skipped.  So much for accountability through blogging, right?  Right.

Черное Таро and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Chariot card, which is traditionally a representation of control in action, moving forward with determination and willpower, motivation, and the success that is bred through these themes.

The combination of the Thera-Pets card joined with the Chariot speaks of rising above self doubt in order to acheive success.

Sometimes, when we have things to accomplish or goals to go after, we can have a bit of a struggle getting up the motivation to complete them. Especially if we’re stumbling over a bit of self doubt.

I personally struggle with the “not good enough” issue all the time. No matter how much I do, or how hard I work, or how -good- the things I create are? It’s never enough.  It’s a work in progress. I’m… a work in progress.

The cards today are a reminder that I don’t have to be perfect.  No one has to be perfect.  We can be amazing… without ever being anywhere close to perfect. We can be amazing… and we can accomplish our goals and have the successes that we dream of… even while we are perfectly imperfect.


The #EmbraceYourAlterEgo2021 Challenge for Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions from October 8th and 10th

The Compleat Windrow Ravenswood Deck and Cruel Thing TarotWhat changes is my Alter Ego facing?
Crab Invasion, King of the Sea, Seven of Cups, The Moon

Pressure and potential overwhelm as you struggle to make choices on what to pursue and what to leave behind. Your focus is split and you are torn in multiple directions, which is creating inner conflict and uncertainty.

How does my Alter Ego overcome these challenges?
Three Cogs, Intersecting Flying Fish, The High Priestess, Ace of Coins

When new and unusual ideas come up, try them instead of automatically discounting them as impossible. Listen to your intuition instead of logic, for some impossible things are meant to be, if you’ll just give them a chance.

This is a reminder that you don’t have to put your emotional side away during the holiday rush. It is possible to balance both, but you have to be open to trying it.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for October 1st, 9th, and 12th

Черное ТароA message for my spiritual path.
Wheel of Fortune and Ten of Swords

Make sure that you aren’t treating every setback as some sort of catastrophe. Remember that ups and downs happen, and everything isn’t going to fall apart if you take a little rest here and there. That rest will actually help you deal with these ups and downs more gracefully.

What are my divination challenges?
Death atop The Hanged Man

Sometimes the pause you take to ponder over perspectives allows for shifts in the outcome to slip in and change things right under your nose. Your best readings will always be the ones where the answers leap out at you from the start. Thinking too much mucks up the works.

What is my biggest challenge with my spiritual practice?
Knight of Swords and The Magician

Impatience. Just because you have the tools and knowledge to do something doesn’t mean that thing is going to go quickly, or even be something you can do right away… or, for that matter, finish right away. This is something you struggle with often.


Daily Self Kindness

I made sure to eat every three hours today while working on orders.  Since I have to go to my aunt’s tomorrow, I needed to get as much done today as I could, and so I had to use my phone to make sure I was prioritizing eating.

Cartomancy Reading – Finding Small Joys

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Wherever you are, we can all agree that there’s joy in the tiniest moments at some point in our lives. Sometimes, the moment happens in ways we aren’t expecting them too.

Anatomica Playing CardsWhat are some things that should do more often?

Eight of Clubs atop Two of Clubs – Make plans with J to make sure you get out instead of just doing it “on the fly” all the time, as he can then help motivate you to do it instead of just thinking about it.

Three of Clubs – Get out more and enjoy the world.  Go hiking. Visit parks. Be active.  This, of course, ties into the making plans with J part of things mentioned above.

Ace of Clubs atop King of Spades – Try some new paths and trails to keep things fresh and interesting. You love being in nature and you’re more than capable of safely getting in and out, strategizing trails, etc.

What is something small that I could achieve today?

King of Hearts – Spend time with Gideon.  I need to seek out his company and his comfort. His presence is supportive and he gives me a safe place to express my emotions without worrying they are somehow “wrong” or even needing to fully understand them at all.

If I can’t achieve the small thing today, what can I do to reassure myself that that’s okay?

Nine of Spades – Make sure that I don’t beat myself up over it.  Pay attention to my inner dialogue and give myself a break instead of letting my negativity or pessimism pick at what I haven’t managed to get done today.