Hopes and Dreams

Today’s meditation was skipped again today.  Maybe I need to tattoo on the back of my hand “don’t let your emotions cause you to bail on your responsibilities to yourself” or something.

Skele-Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Star card, which is traditionally a representation of hope, spiritual guidance, renewal, and the inter-connectivity of ourselves to the world around us and spiritual plane.

The dreams that we have when we’re asleep have an important purpose. Even when we don’t remember them or even remember that we dreamed at all… we all dream.

Daydreams also have a purpose. They are the spark of hope in the world, providing us with ideas and allowing us to imagine the things we’d like to see or experience in the future, or remember those things we’ve already experienced in the past.  Through daydreams we have a direct line to hopes and dreams, memories and past joys, and the guiding light of our own desires.

The message in today’s cards is that daydreams are important. They provide hope, giving us something to guide us forward and lift us up, even during the most difficult of times. Don’t discard them as unrealistic or a waste of time.  They have value.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheOctoberTarot #SeasonoftheWitchChallenge Prompt
Questions for October 27th and 28th

Garden Of Lucid Daydreams Oracle and Trionfi Della LunaThey took their brooms to seek the night, what knowledge can witches of the old provide?
The Bathers atop The Weed, Five of Swords and Death

Do not neglect the cleansing that needs to be done, for it will stave off conflict in the future. Take care in what you share of these methods, for that knowledge can be used to circumvent the cleansing that is done and the protections that are erected afterward.

And as the veil keeps growing thin, how am I to prepare for Samhain?
Consultation atop Desire, Ten of Wands atop Page of Swords

Get in extra time and let your communication and time together beat back a bit of the overwhelm that you’re already feeling. It won’t obliterate it entirely, but it will help.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2021 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question for October 27th
: Can anyone on the other side make contact when the veil is thin?

Skele-TarotReading Summary:  From the newly passed (Ace of Pentacles) to those that have been crossed over for quite some time (Ten of Pentacles), any who need to reach across the veil to obtain the peace and satisfaction they need can do so (Nine of Pentacles).

Take Away: It makes sense to me that this was answered in all Pentacles, for it is a question about spirits reaching through the veil into the physical world.  The answer here indicates that it is through pursuit of “satiation” and completion that those that reach through the veil at this time of year do so.  Perhaps this is not the only reason, but the answer seems to make it clear that the “door is open” who all that need to use it before they will be able to move on.


Daily Self Kindness

I ate healthy food today including spicy tomato pasta with fresh herbs, my morning smoothy of probiotic with spinach and berries, as well as my tea with collagen peptides. It’s not all that I ate today of course, but I made the effort to stick to mostly healthy choices today instead of the cereal and cookies I’ve been leaning heavily on over the past week.

Trick Or Treat Creative Writing Prompt

Prompt:Halloween is just a week away! This week, draw (at least) three cards from your deck and use them to describe for us a (real or fictional) trick-or-treating outing or adventure.

Halloween Ephemera TarotDeath atop High Priestess – I had a dream that the bad man was coming, three nights in a row. On the third night, I woke up screaming in bed with mama there beside me trying to wake her up.

Mama convinced me to tell her about my dream and when I did, she got up right away and began packing our clothes into bags.

Strength – I told her I didn’t wanna go, but she convinced me it would be okay.  She told me stories about the places we might go next, and the new friends I would make, and in the end I decided maybe it would be okay.

I helped pack up our stuff that night, and we hopped in the car with our bags in the back and drove off into the night with that old song by the 4 Seasons “Bye Bye Baby” playing on the radio as we drove out of town.

Death (continued) – We settled in a new town and school started.  She was right!  I did meet new friends, and the school is really great with lots of activities my old school didn’t have.

Temperance – I was really excited for Halloween to come, because I hadn’t been allowed to trick or treat for years.  So this year I was going to go out with some friends, and Mama said it was okay as long as I didn’t stray too far.

The Devil – When the night came, I dressed up as my favorite cartoon character and when my friends came we went out to knock on some doors.  It wasn’t scary at all, and I was having a great time! My friends wanted to go over to the next block, and I figured it wouldn’t be any harm, so I agreed.  And that then turned into the next block after that… and the next one after that.

The Devil (continued) atop Hanged Man – As it got later, friends started to break off and head home, and I eventually found myself walking alone, heading back the way I came.  I felt okay until this guy came up behind me and grabbed my arm!  The moment he touched me, I knew he was the bad man from my dreams, even before I turned around to look at him.

Breaking his hold, I started to run away when he called out three words that made me pause.  “I’m your father!” he said.

The news stole the breath from my lungs and I turned to stare at him for what felt like forever.  Then I raced home to Mama to tell her what happened. Time to move again.