Morning Bonus Read – Welcome to October

Welcome to October Tarot Reading - Ghost Boy Tarot

What should I focus on as October begins?

Page of Pentacles – Take things slow, but start looking into what needs to be done as the first step in prepping for the holiday rush. Make a list and start getting your ducks in a row. Begin doing some of the smaller tasks to get them out of your way.

The magic of October will help me grow in this area.

Three of Cups – Finding solace, comfort, and pleasure in the company of others. It’s not something you enjoy all this much regularly, but as things begin to pick up you will be reminded of all the benefits that come with the social aspects of life.

A special message for me as the veil thins.

Three of Wands – “Get your ass movin’, sweet cheeks.” Literally. That’s what I heard as this card hit the table.


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