Weekly Creativity Prompt – Autumn Themes

Prompt: From your deck of choice, select one card that you feel fits each of the themes below (I actually chose randomly):
1) A wander in the Autumn woods
2) Guidance from the Past
3) The Beginning of the End
Post the 3 cards you chose, and share with us how you made the connections that you did with the prompts above.

Omens TarotA Wander in the Autumn Woods

The Sun – As fall arrives and the air cools, I spend more time outside enjoying nature, breathing in the crisp air, and bonding with nature. These experiences light me up from the inside and bring me a great deal of joy and happiness.

Whether hiking in dappled sunlight through a canopy of leaves, or under the rapid pitter-patter of falling rain, this time of year and my time spent in nature is my “Sun” card through and through.

Guidance from the Past

The Hierophant – It is through our past that we become who we are in the present, and it is through our ancestors we are taught the traditions and values that we carry forward into the future.

I may not have the greatest relationship with my family or my parents, but I acknowledge this connection and I understand that even those ancestors that are passed on still walk my path with me today and every day.

The Beginning of the End

The Star – When I  hear the phrase “the beginning of the end” it always brings to mind the moment when hope begins to falter and die.  Whether it’s a story, a legacy, or a life… I feel that hope is an essential part of continuing onward, moving forward, and improving one’s life and self.

What I’ve come to realize is that even when we feel as if there is not a shred of hope left within us?  There is… it’s still there.  Sometimes, its flame just flickers so very faintly that it’s impossible to see when life is at its darkest.


One thought on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – Autumn Themes

  1. Thank you for sharing my love

    We are back on the road for another full day of driving. Ugh can’t wait to get there. My neck is a little better atm but my back hurts. That hotel mattress sucked

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