Morning Bonus Read – Shadow Dossier

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Use the mini-deity dossier to communicate with your shadow self for some shadow work.

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SpiritJack of Clubs – Been through a lot but eager to try, your shadow self isn’t ready to give up yet and is excited to be getting some attention after being ignored for so long.

PersonalityQueen of Clubs – Supportive of your endeavors, helpful in sparking inspiration, and desires to be involved in the process. They may not know the way but they’re happy to be your cheerleader and will be with you along the way.

AbilitiesKing of Diamonds – Again we see a supportive energy here with a heavily grounded foundation.  They encourage you in creating that stability you crave and are, in fact, the inspiration for that craving.

TraitsThree of Spades – All that grounding takes a tole and so does the fact that they’ve been pushed aside for so long.  Because of this, there’s a lot of negativity there that bleeds out when you’re feeling down, tainting the water and polluting the optimism you are trying so hard to foster in your life.

Omens and Signs to Look ForSeven of Diamonds – Progress takes time, but there are moments along the way when if you pause and really look, you can see their touch in your growth. Their fingerprints smudged upon the glass.

ManifestationFive of Diamonds – In the past, your shadow self has had to fight to manifest in your life.  This process was always a struggle and took a lot of energy to accomplish, leaving you feeling drained as a result because you were resisting and forcing them back down and away.

AppearanceAce of Spades –  They are looking for a new and better way to communicate with you.  With the old habits of shoving them away left behind, it’s time to find a better way to connect and thus a different way for them to make an appearance in your life going forward.

What They Want From YouNine of Spades – They want you to help them with their worries and fears, anxieties and troubles.  Your shadow self holds on to a lot of these things and it needs help to release them, confront them, or process them in a healthy way so that they will no longer be a problem.

Things to KnowSix of Diamonds – They want to get better and be better, even if they don’t act like it sometimes.  It can be hard to move on to better things when sometimes it means leaving shit behind in the process that you’ve been clinging to for so long.   It’s the same for them as it is for you.

Things to AvoidNine of Hearts – Don’t get so cocky in feeling things are good that you forget about them.  It’s okay, of course, to fee good.  Just don’t leave them behind and alone in the process.


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