Generosity Is For All

Today’s meditation was skipped because it’s an orders day.  I think I’m going to fit this in as a regular thing, as I’m wondering if it will help me in finding a better balance and not avoiding my meditation if on the days when I am the absolute most busy (Mondays and Thursdays) I just skip the meditation entirely and don’t feel guilty about it.

We’ll give it a try this month and see how it goes.

Good Karma Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Six of Coins, which is traditionally a representation of generosity, sharing, equality, and finding balance through distribution of wealth and/or privilege.

It’s the last of those (distribution of wealth) that I see here in this card.  Between the two figures grows a money tree, and it’s not clear in the imagery who the tree belongs to  Nor is it clear in the imagery who the coin belongs to.  Is it being given from left to right?  Or was it handed over from right to left?

Combined with the Thera-Pets card for today, what I see here is a reminder that generosity isn’t just for others. It’s also for the self.

We, as humans, need a certain amount of self care. It’s a necessity.  This does not make us weak, nor should we be looking at others and being understanding of their needs… and yet harsh with ourselves for our own.  Your needs are just as valid as everyone else’s, so stop beating yourself up for that nap, or meditation, or break, or little extra bit of self care you do for yourself, or want to do but keep fighting against. Be as generous with yourself as you are with others. You deserve that self care and generosity just as much as others do.


Raven Willow Tarot’s Emotional Exploration Prompt
: How can I better cope with my times of deep depression?

Conference of the Birds Tarot

Reading Summary: Use that time to learn a new skill that you were passionate enough to write down in your ideas book (Knave of Wands), and lean on others for help (Three of Pentacles). Keep your eye on the prize (Knight of Swords).

Take Away:  Unlike sadness (which is what this question originally referenced), depression is a condition that you can’t just lift yourself out of. It’s something you have to ride out. I my case, it has a distinct pattern to it.  A descent, a brief pause at the bottom of the pit, and then a slow climb back up to normal. This pattern takes about 2-3 months to complete.

The advice here is that during this time, when I realize that the onset and descent is upon me, dip into my ideas book and pick out an idea that I was passionate enough to write down, and begin to explore that skill.   These 2-3 months become “lost time” later, where the entirety of the time is wiped from my memory, but the skills learned will remain like muscle memory.  So in a way, it would be like osmosis.  Like coming out of the depression is “waking up” and while I was “asleep” I learned a new skill.

Added to this is a reminder to ask for help.  Don’t just fall into the depressive pit and forget that others are there to help you in keeping everything going smoothly. All of the responsibility does not need to rest on your shoulders alone, and especially not during times when you’re struggling with depression.

The third piece of advice is about focus. It’s about making sure that I remember that the depression is only temporary, and that it won’t last forever.  Keep moving forward, keep looking for the light.  Keep climbing.  Don’t give up.


#DiscordTarotolicsMay2021 Challenge Prompt
: How would you benefit from adding more fun and play into your life?

Good Karma TarotReading Summary:  I would look at running my business in a new light (King of Wands atop Hanged Woman) and build stronger connections with those closest to me (Two of Cups) while still remaining in control of where I want things to go and leading the way for those others in my life to do the same (Queen of Swords).

Take Away: This sounds like such a good idea but I have such a hard block to the whole “Fun and Play” thing that it becomes really hard to view my business in this light, regardless of the fact that I enjoy making jewelry and most everything involved in that. 

I understand that changing my perspective will relieve a good deal of stress I carry on my shoulders, though, and give me a deeper connection with those that I work with (my sister and Z).  I’m just not entirely sure how to instill that sense of fun and play into the process without losing track of the control needed to make sure everything gets done and runs smoothly.   Which is where the Queen of Swords comes in, as this card indicates that there is indeed a way to do it and make it work, but it will take some effort and “building of experience” to get there.


Daily Self Kindness

I took some time to chill with my flowers out on the balcony today even though it’s an orders day.  And I took an ibuprofen for my headache instead of just suffering with it and hoping it would go away on its own.

Transitioning from April to May

Linescape Tarot and Metaphoric Therapy Cards

Individuality Seven of Pentacles – It can often be difficult to remember that others do not judge you as harshly as you judge yourself.  You’ve come a long way in your growth and in grounding yourself in this knowledge, but you also still have a long way to go.  No one is staring at you.  Promise.  They want to accept you and love you, just as you are.

Dependence High Priestess – Let go of the chaos and your intuition will become better grounded. All that anxiety is like a tornado turning your world upside down and making it hard to find the balance and stability needed for your intuitive self to grow and thrive.

Creativity Ace of Swords atop Five of Cups – Overcoming hopelessness with new ideas is something you excel at and need to lean into moving forward.  Don’t linger in the disappointments, sadness, and negativity.  Instead pull yourself free with the “fresh air breeze” of new ideas and allow them to lift you up into a new path when needed.

Limitation Emperor – It can be hard to relate to people in power sometimes. Sometimes they display behavior that has been trained into them, like police or border agents being overly aggressive without provocation. Keep in mind that these types of behavior are not a reflection on you or anything that you are doing, but rather a tactic meant to put you on edge.  Stay calm and rise above.

Change Two of Swords – Pay attention and listen closely.  Opportunities to allow your passions to thrive are coming, and it may feel like their out of reach but they’re not.  It will simply take some careful listening, creative thinking, and a bit of discernment and decisive decision making to get you where you want to go.

Sympathy Seven of Swords – Family betrayals. Broken promises and broken trusts have created in you a feeling of distrust and entanglement that is primed to rise to the surface and needs some attention to get under control. You’ve made a good deal of progress in making peace with your father and your past in this area, but it doesn’t really cover the whole “family” aspect of the thing, does it?

Luck The Fool – Use the joy and bolstering sense of elation that comes with your accomplishments to lift you up and give you fresh eyes and fresh energy.  You have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to be proud of.  Don’t discount these things just because it’s you that has earned them and not someone else.

Power Four of Pentacles – Having your wings clipped is painful and it can ground you when you’d be far happier taking flight.  Be careful that you don’t create a situation where you are left feeling alone and hurt because you clipped your own wings and grounded yourself to the point that grounding is no longer a boon, but instead becomes a trap.

Responsibility Empress – Don’t leave anyone behind.  Sometimes we get so distracted in one thing that we end up losing focus on other things.  This is true about people, about projects, interests, and even physical items. You’re being given an opportunity to find a balance that spreads your nurturing in an even and healthy way. Make sure that you continue to keep this goal in mind moving forward.

Message from Spirit World – From gray days of suppression, discomfort, and what seems like insurmountable barriers, you’ve done well at trusting your instincts and seeking out what suits you best in life. Make sure that you do not lose sight of these things moving forward.  There is a place for the things you feel are important in the balance you seek.  Just don’t forget what those things are along the way.

Message from Mind’s World – Being pulled between chaos and calm is something you’ve struggled with throughout your entire life in a number of different aspects of your life. Take care not to let these struggles and imbalances drag you down. Instead, continue to seek new ways to deal with them and mitigate their negative influences.

Message from Known World – The entanglement of betrayals and disappointments with your family are in the past. Although the past influences the present, make sure that you don’t allow it to overtake your sense of accomplishment and destroy the spark of fun in life.