Don’t Put Off Happiness

Today’s meditation was skipped cuz I burrowed into the pillow and got myself some extra sleep instead.  I was feeling a bit more tired than normal today, which I’m blaming on the vaccine although, chances are?  It’s just because my body heard the news that I’m taking a few days off.

Moonroot Tarot and Flower Fortune CardsToday’s draw is the Sun card, which is traditionally a representation of happiness and joy, success, fun, and taking pleasure in the little things.  In the tarot, the Sun card is the awakening to light’s reassurance after the confusion and uncertainty found in the Moon card.

When combined with the Flower Fortune card that was pulled for today, which says “The land is always on the mind of a flying bird”, the message that I see being conveyed in these cards today is about being  happy with where you are and what you have.

The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. It’s important to foster happiness in the now, instead of waiting for it to come later on.   Don’t put off your happiness for when it is more convenient or for when the time “feels right”.  Bask in the happiness you have now, enjoy it, and don’t take it for granted.


Raven Willow Tarot’s Emotional Exploration Prompt
Questions for May 15 & 16

Blood Moon Tarot by Sam GuayWhat role does happiness play in my life?
Four of Honey atop Knight of Skins

For me, happiness is the blend of fiery passion and the security of a stable future. These are the two halves of my life where happiness lives and grows. One lives in comfort, the other in pursuing my passions. Although they appear to be on either ends of a spectrum, for me they are in fact two sides of the same coin.

How can I better enhance happiness in my life?
Queen of Honey atop Nine of Skins

Don’t allow yourself to become distracted or quit along the way.  You need to stay strong, and to stay strong you need to take care of yourself.  You can manifest anything you want in  your life, but only if you are well enough to do so.   Self care isn’t selfish. You can’t help others out of the mud without sure footing first, and you can’t manifest more happiness in your life without ensuring you are well and taking care of yourself.

The Appearance of the Fool as a Bridge

The Fool card is the bridge that connects the role happiness plays in my life with how to better enhance that happiness.  This card is the connection between the “what is” and the “how to get more of this”.  It speaks of stepping forward into life with eagerness, anticipation, and a sense of wonder, and taking each day as it comes with this mentality at the helm.


#DiscordTarotolicsMay2021 Challenge Prompt
: Draw or write something free form inspired by the card(s).

Moonroot TarotThe fledgling goddess had much she wanted to share with the world, but was blind to the fact that she was not yet ready. She desired adulation and veneration, and was unwilling to wait and take her time learning all of the lessons still before her yet to be discovered.

Learning takes too long, she decided.  She wanted her full power now, and the admiration of her people.  Especially, perhaps.  And thus so sought her full power, and obtained the love and adulation of her people.

But she was unable to keep her desire for that veneration from controlling her, and as time went on she found that it was not she that controlled the people, but the people that controlled her.  For she could not do without their love and adoration, she had a deep seated need for their attention and veneration.   Having jumped forth untrained, she did not take time to learn the balance needed, and thus she became a slave to her needs, instead of her people becoming a slave to her wishes.


Daily Self Kindness

I deleted eighteen of my Kickstarter pledges today.  Weeded through them all and decided that some of them just weren’t enough of what I wanted to keep the pledges.  A good number of them were playing card decks. I’m going to start vetting these far more stringently than I have previously.  Being disappointed by the Leaves decks (and Cybershock decks before that) made it clear that I need to be more watchful of the playing card campaigns.

Morning Bonus Read – A Conversation

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
This week, let’s look at our emotions. Treat your emotional center as if it were a separate entity, and try asking it a few questions.

Mortimer & Ollie Playing CardsHow can I get to know you better?
Six of Spades and Five of Spades

Stop looking at your emotional growth and efforts at developing a stronger emotional intelligence as a sort of challenge that needs to be conquered or problem to be solved.

How are you supporting me?
Six of Hearts and Jack of Clubs

Not all emotions are bad. Finding emotional harmony, especially when you’re in the throes of discovering your passions and exploring them to their depths, is one of the ways that emotions provide support.  It’s in the “Flow” of that creative spark and the peace that you find there.

How are you holding me captive?
Ace of Hearts and Jack of Hearts

Again we see the signs of emotional growth, but here it’s more about holding you back from learning too much too quickly. You’re at the beginning of this journey, and need time to process instead of just plowing ahead.

In what way am I mistreating you at this time?
Two of Diamonds

This echoes back to a reading done yesterday concerning how your addictions can sometimes be spurred on by your emotions.  It’s not so much the emotions mistreating you, but rather that you don’t have not learned the skills to find balance in another way, so you “self medicate” with your addictions.

How can I do better at treating you right?
Five of Diamonds, Six of Diamonds, Ten of Diamonds

Allow yourself to feel the gamut of emotions without trying to shut them down.  Whether it’s disappointment and fear, compassion and kindness, elation and the security of accomplishment… all of these have their place and each needs to be acknowledged and experienced instead of shied away from or disregarded as an inconvenience, unimportant, hubris, or something to be ashamed of.