Seeking Out The Good Stuff

Today’s meditation was skipped in preference for a 2 1/2 hour nap.   I had really only planned on an hour, but it turned out to be more than double that.  Which, since it’s Tuesday, is fine.  It just meant that I got things done around the house a bit later than planned.

Moonroot Tarot and Flower Fortune CardsToday’s draw is the Five of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of apathy, boredom, pessimistic mentality, and discontent.

The image in this card is very relatable to me.  Here we have a scene where snow is falling in the background, and the figure in the image is sitting there like “oh great, it’s snowing” in a very negative way.

The thing is?  I love the snow.  Yes, it’s inconvenient and can be dangerous, but it’s also beautiful and fresh and fun… and in this part of the world, quite unusual. I could understand the negative attitude coming from people that deal with snow for months on end.  But here?  I don’t understand those that can’t see the beauty through the fear or discomfort.

These people stay inside, refuse to even go out for a walk, let alone a drive, and generally just complain the entire time about the weather.  But what is really holding them back from appreciating what’s going on around them?   It’s fear.  It’s the fact that some people can’t drive in the snow, and sometimes you slip and fall in the snow.  They focus on the discomfort, on the fear, and on the negative aspects rather than sinking into the positive and joyful aspects of the experience.

As the Flower Fortune card says for today, “If you are afraid to shake the dice, you’ll never roll a six”.  The “roll a six” for those that don’t know (since I had to look it up) is about the game of craps and lady luck helping you to win.  The message in these cards is that if you spend too much time focusing on the negative in a situation or your fear, then you loose out on the opportunity to actually find something fun, beautiful, or good in the whole situation.


Raven Willow Tarot’s Emotional Exploration Prompt
for May 25th and 26th

Seventh Sphere RWS TarotWhat role does relaxation play in my life?

It’s a healthier way forward (Six of Swords) into an entire new way of life (The World) where balance is the focus, and self-care and work are more evenly distributed (Two of Pentacles).

Over the past two years, I’ve been working hard at creating a new balance in life where I’m not constantly on a cycle of burnout and recovery.

In order to create this new balance, the key lies in the amount of rest and relaxation I allow myself to have, and in making sure that this relaxation is scattered throughout the day to day instead of “saved up” to use for recovery from burn out.   Because if the relaxation is scattered throughout the day to day, you never end up hitting burnout in the first place.

How can I enhance relaxation in my life?

Gideon may be greedy, but he also has your best interests and welfare at heart (King of Cups). Look back at the things in your life (Six of Cups) that have breathed fresh air into your inspiration and enthusiasm (Page of Wands)… Do more of those.

Gideon is eager to help you find that balance, and works hard to make sure you treat yourself well.  You need to listen to him and take these efforts to heart, as well as his suggestions to help you in finding and maintaining that balance. He watches over you, and watches everything you do with a keen eye, and can catch your slip ups often before you do.

Make sure that a part of your relaxation process includes those things you enjoy.  It doesn’t always have to be about sleep, but it needs to be about distancing yourself through small acts of personal kindness from the stress and pressure of work… and the stress and pressure you put on yourself concerning your responsibilities.


#DiscordTarotolicsMay2021 Challenge Prompt
: What do you need to focus on for self-care for this full moon?

Moonroot TarotReading Summary: Those around you that you support (Six of Pentacles) are seeking new ways to return the favor (Page of Pentacles).  Don’t turn them away in your stubbornness (Eight of Swords Rx).

Take Away: Although the relaxation mentioned in your previous reading is an important part of finding a new and healthier balance in your life, so is making sure that you are staying open to the help others are offering.  Don’t reject out of pride or stubbornness.  Allow them to try, teach them how to help you, and share the load instead of carrying it all on your own shoulders.


Daily Self Kindness

I took a nice long nap today.  I didn’t realize how badly I needed it until I woke up and felt so much better afterward.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – May 2021

Along with the Full Moon, which I did a reading for yesterday, tomorrow is also a Lunar Eclipse!  In celebration of that upcoming event, I decided to do a reading geared towards the eclipse and the energies surrounding it. This spread is brought to you by Ethony‘s Tarot By the Moon series.

Lua Tarot - Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading

1. What external influences are not serving my highest good right now?

The Hanged Man Rx – Make sure that you’re not allowing the closed-mindedness of others to influence your own perceptions. Be aware of where their motivations are centered in relation to the perspectives that they share instead of taking what is said at face value.  Dig deeper and read between the lines, then let go of what doesn’t serve you instead of falling into the trap of their perspective being the only one.

2. Where do I need to shift my perspectives?

Queen of Cups – It is not a weakness to seek out support and a sympathetic ear when you need one.  It takes strength to share your weakness with others and trust them to support you during those times instead of closing up and dealing with it all on your own.

3. How can I best re-charge my energy?

The Seeker – It’s time to get your ass back out in nature and do some hiking. This is about more than a bit of forest bathing, but should include some exertion and effort combined with the peace and comfort that the forest gives you.  Realistically, you can’t go on your own right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go at all, just make sure you pick your trails wisely so that whoever you take along can keep up.

4. What is the best course of action for my highest good?

Page of Cups  – Stay open and receptive to input and allow your creative energy to stretch and flex.  Imagination and enjoyment in what you do is a good thing and will help you thrive and move forward, just make sure you’re not closing yourself off emotionally as it will close you off in other ways as well and none of them are healthy.

5. What belief do I need to leave behind??

Knight of Wands – That you have to be go-go-go all the time, moving non-stop toward your goals.  It’s okay to rest, and it’s okay to take your time.  Don’t worry so much about how fast you’re getting where you’re going. Instead slow down and enjoy the ride and the stops along the way.  You’ll get where you want to go eventually and without the unhealthy pressure, burnout, and stress that going full speed all the time creates.


Morning Bonus Read – Pet Reading

Sparkly Lenormand Reading - Pet Tarot SpreadYour Connection

Mice – It’s all about the food.  Proof that sometimes the cards have nothing to do with their traditional meanings, here they are teasing me with the events of last night and this morning.  Last night, Miss Luna rolled her empty food ball right to my feet and sat beside it staring at me for a half an hour, trying to get me to fill it.  This morning, she was very mouthy about getting it filled and set down for her to eat.  Mice eat… and in the picture this is reinforced by the cheese.

Why you were brought together.

Heart – Heart connection. Need to love.  She needed someone to love her and take care of her, and I needed someone to love and take care of.  We were both in need at that time, and connected through that need.

What your pet really likes.
(The deck refused to give me a card for the word “loves”.)

Clouds – Cuddle time when feeling uncertain. Solidarity in times when things feel unstable and unclear.  When I’m feeling out of sorts, she comes and cuddles with me or sits near me, letting me know she’s there even if she might not want to be petted at the time.   When she feels uncertain or worried, she comes and sits on the other side of me.  Her comfy spot is usually between me and the door, but in these moments she changes to lying on the other side of me and settling her ass up against my hip for reassurance.

What your pet fears.

Key – Leaving the house or you doing so.  Again we see an intuitive response instead of a traditional one.  What Miss Luna fears the most is having to leave the house or me leaving and not coming back.  In fact, when I leave she will often sit on the end of the rug in the entryway and wait for me for hours, or if not, she will come running to greet me whenever I come home.  When I used to go away for days at a time, she would make herself at home in the spot where I sit on the couch and stare at the door for hours on end.

How to help your pet.

Anchor – Encourage feelings of security.  She likes the stability of a schedule and the dependability that it creates in her world.  She likes being able to depend upon me, as well.  In knowing I’m there for her and will take care of her always.

A message from your pet.

Dog – Miss Luna says, “I love you, Daddy. You’re the bees knees and I want to be with you for always.”