Openness and Grace

Today’s meditation was skipped because I got distracted by fresh baked chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven. I’m not entirely sure why they were being made in the morning, but… well… cookies are cookies and who doesn’t love still-warm cookies?

Shapeshifter Tarot and Flower Fortune CardsToday’s draw is the Queen of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of a projective alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition.

Here in this card we see the Goddess of Water, her posture open and the swan there in the shift of shape, an echo behind her so close to the surface as lilies and cherry blossoms surround her and float float in the water.

The imagery depicts grace and openness. Combined with the Flower Fortune card for today, which states that “If you have something good in your life, don’t let it go!” what I see here isn’t about things at all, but about people.

Sometimes things happen in life that cause us to forget to be grateful for the people in our lives we should appreciate. We become irritated with them, or bored with them, or just so over exposed to them that you need some space.  The key is to make sure that even in these moments we remember just how good they are for us… and just how valuable they are to us.  Closing ourselves off and pushing them away isn’t a solution.  Next thing you know, they could be gone for good.

A better option is staying open and accepting that sometimes? Even those we love the most are going to irritate us.  Let them know how much you care for them, be open with them and let them know how grateful you are for them… and let them know you need a little breathing room.  By opening up, you keep these people in your life instead of pushing them away (possibly permanently) with your need for a bit of space.


The Sacred Grounds Tarot Club Prompt
Questions for May 16th through 19th

Spirit Speak TarotWhat change is coming?
Eight of Swords atop Eight of Cups

A change in perspective and opening of eyes pertaining to something that has been frustrating you. Although unpleasant and at times uncomfortable, it will allow you to move on from a feeling of being stuck.

How will this change affect me?
The Lovers atop Four of Swords Rx

There will be a sense of restlessness and discomfort related to your self care needs that will need to be overcome through making sure you make healthy choices for myself. Gideon’s watchful eye is there to help in keeping those self care practices going, even when you struggle.

As you move through this change you need to make sure room in your life stays open for self care. Don’t fill up that space with other tasks and responsibilities.

What new challenges will I face?
Six of Cups Rx

This upcoming change will bring up some unpleasant memories and might require working through. You may find that doing some light shadow work pertaining to your childhood and upbringing will help.

What will I possibly become as a result of all of this?
King of Wands and Three of Pentacles

Stronger in your business and purpose, and better able to delegate tasks and responsibilities so that the work load is more evenly distributed. That work towards a healthy balance is a long and multi-legged journey, but this holds the potential of being a step in the right direction toward that goal.


#DiscordTarotolicsMay2021 Challenge Prompt
: How can you improve upon your self-care at this time?

Shapeshifter TarotReading Summary: Expressive openness while welcoming others to share with you in turn (Goddess of Water).  Supportive strength (God of Earth) as you find direction for yourself and help others do the same for themselves as well (Two of Wands).

Take Away: To improve upon your self care, you need to remember that in order to connect with others, give support, and provide for them the guidance to help them find their own unique path, you also need to be open to them emotionally and creatively.

Being approachable is important.  Not just for that connection with others, but for yourself.  You may not be the most suave when it comes to social matters, but you still need a certain amount of social interaction, as well as the opportunity to help others with their personal journey and self actualization, to be healthy and happy.


Daily Self Kindness

We had a hard rain here earlier today and I spent some time out on my balcony enjoying the cold drops on my skin and soaking my hair and through my clothes, just enjoying the sounds and scents and feeling of it for a bit.

Morning Bonus Read – Connecting With Your Guides

Malpertuis Lenormand - Connecting With Your Guides Tarot Spread

What I’m not aware of.

Book – Well geez. No fucking shit. The book is an indication of secrets and hidden information.  This card in relation to this specific question is essentially telling me that there’s a whole hell of a lot that I’m unaware of and to mind my own damned business.

Things you’re here to teach me.

Bear, Man, Tower – To stand strong and protect my territorial interests to to the best of my ability.  There’s a whole lot of masculine energy in these cards, combined with a watchfulness that stretches from beyond responsibility to a mentality of territorial responsibility.  The lessons here surround learning how to better look after and protect those things I hold dear from others, standing strong against those things or people that might threaten what I consider as mine.

How I can align with my true purpose.

Fish – Go with the flow.  This is not a salmon and you don’t have to fight so hard.  Trust that abundance is yours and that the actions you take will allow that abundance to continue to flow through your life, even in times where you might float along instead of swimming at full speed.

Signs I should look out for to indicate their presence.

Lily, Ring, Sun – They are always there and feel a responsibility to be there, obligated to help guide me towards success and positive outcomes. Although late to the party, they aren’t going anywhere.

A message from the Divine.

Coffin, Moon – Get a handle on your negative inner dialogue and it’s negative eroding influence on your emotions before they get the upper hand and end up having a handle on you.