Morning Bonus Read – Connecting With Your Guides

Malpertuis Lenormand - Connecting With Your Guides Tarot Spread

What I’m not aware of.

Book – Well geez. No fucking shit. The book is an indication of secrets and hidden information.  This card in relation to this specific question is essentially telling me that there’s a whole hell of a lot that I’m unaware of and to mind my own damned business.

Things you’re here to teach me.

Bear, Man, Tower – To stand strong and protect my territorial interests to to the best of my ability.  There’s a whole lot of masculine energy in these cards, combined with a watchfulness that stretches from beyond responsibility to a mentality of territorial responsibility.  The lessons here surround learning how to better look after and protect those things I hold dear from others, standing strong against those things or people that might threaten what I consider as mine.

How I can align with my true purpose.

Fish – Go with the flow.  This is not a salmon and you don’t have to fight so hard.  Trust that abundance is yours and that the actions you take will allow that abundance to continue to flow through your life, even in times where you might float along instead of swimming at full speed.

Signs I should look out for to indicate their presence.

Lily, Ring, Sun – They are always there and feel a responsibility to be there, obligated to help guide me towards success and positive outcomes. Although late to the party, they aren’t going anywhere.

A message from the Divine.

Coffin, Moon – Get a handle on your negative inner dialogue and it’s negative eroding influence on your emotions before they get the upper hand and end up having a handle on you.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Connecting With Your Guides

  1. Definitely get a handle on the inner dialogue, even -I- have noticed that it’s gotten louder and nastier lately and it’s time to shove it into the goddamn closet.

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