Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

IMG_1551Today’s meditation was just under thirteen minutes long and was a guided meditation with the Calm app combined with an interval timer for my piriformis stretching. I’ve done a lot of skipping in meditation lately, and my stretches are definitely telling me that this is a bad idea. I’ve been having a bit more trouble with my lower back as well over the past week. It’s time to get back into things, either that or I’m going to have to increase my chiropractor visits.  I’d rather not sink the money into that option.

The focus of today’s meditation was about  how sometimes the first step in any journey can be the hardest. The thing is, though, the first step doesn’t have to be a big one. None of the steps on that journey need to be big ones. As long as you’re at least shuffling along a few inches at a time? You’re still making progress.  It might not feel like it, but it’s still progress.

Isidore Tarot Sea and Sand Spring Edition and Flower Fortune CardsToday’s draw is the Ten of Coins, which is traditionally a representation of stability and security obtained through hard work and shared with others.  These themes often center around financial success, good health, stability and security at home, and other material themes being shared with those closest to you such as family and friends.

In this manner, the well dressed bird in the imagery of today’s card shares his wealth and good fortune with the other birds  in his care, building them a luxurious house and making sure that they are comfortable and well cared for.

Combined with the Flower Fortunes card for today, which states that “Before trying to please others, firstly think of what makes you happy”, there is a message here today not just about tending to one’s own happiness, but also your own needs and self care.

No matter how much you want to care for others, it is absolutely imperative that you care for yourself first. You cannot expect your body, your finances, or your stamina to old out if you are not giving it what it needs.  That includes down time, good food, happiness, and all the other things that you need to care for yourself.   Just as you need to make money before you can share the wealth, you have to make sure you have found your  happiness before you can make others happy.  Doing it the other way around doesn’t make sense and is extremely unhealthy.


Raven Willow Tarot’s Emotional Exploration Prompt
for May 17th & 18th

The Alchemist's GardenWhat role does pride play in my life?

Eight of Swords (Monkshood) – If it is not held in check by a heavy dose of self-awareness and objectivity, pride can blind you to the truth.

Five of Cups (Taique) – It can drag us down when we take pride in things that aren’t meant for us. We then miss those things that are.

Seven of Wands (Living Rock) – Pride lights fire beneath our convictions, principles, and values, giving us the strength to stand fast against opposition that tries to rise up against what we feel is right.

How can I better enhance the positive aspects of pride?

The Emperor (San Pedro) – When you feel that pride is cutting you off from seeing the whole picture, take ownership of that feeling and the fact that the blockage is coming from within you instead of from an external source. Explore and seek to understand what’s going on rather than letting it pass by unnoticed.

Nine of Pentacles (Sassafras) – When feeling a sense of entitlement and discontent, pause to take a look around at what you really have, how far you’ve come, how much you’ve truly accomplished, and how good you really have it

Four of Pentacles (Lions Mane) – In times when you stand up for what you believe in, make sure that you have steady footing and that you are not cutting down others in the process of lifting yourself up.


#DiscordTarotolicsMay2021 Challenge Prompt
: In what area are you not practicing enough self-care?

Isidore Tarot Sea and Sand Spring EditionReading Summary: You’re not giving yourself enough benefit of the doubt (Strength) where finding balance in your life is concerned (Two of Coins). Moderation is not a punishment, but a path to better things (Temperance), so lift yourself up with optimism and hope, and start looking at this effort in a more positive light (The Star).

Take Away: The message here is about moderation and optimism.  Here is where the lack resides and where I need to work on fostering something more hopeful, positive, and lighthearted.

My naturally pessimistic tendencies have started to come out a bit more strongly of late, and they need to be brought back in hand (along with that negative inner narrative in my head).  It’s important to remember to celebrate your accomplishments along the way, even the tiny ones.  Each step forward is progress, no matter how small that step might be.


Daily Self Kindness

I had myself a nice epsom salt and apple cider soak in the tub today, and even managed to not fall asleep in the process!

One thought on “Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

  1. I’m all for snt messages that tell you to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. And your happiness is my happiness. I love you so much.

    I also approve of the soak and am proud of you for not falling asleep in the tub. It scares the shit out of me when you do that.

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