Healing the Past

IMG_8005Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and was accompanied by my regular interval timer for my piriformis stretches.

To be honest, I barely remember what the guided part of the meditation was about.  I wasn’t paying enough attention apparently, but then… that’s okay I think as long as I was meditating.

I vaguely remember it had something to do with self-competition.  But… I just don’t remember.  I liked the quote, though, so I included the graphic anyway.

Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan - Six of CupsToday’s draw is the Six of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of nostalgia and memories that lighten the heart and stir up fondness and emotion.

There’s a sweetness to this card’s traditional meaning that always makes my heart melt just a little bit.   Not that it always appears to hearken back to good memories, but just that the imagery is so often just… sweet.  And, this card is no different.

It’s probably not surprising that what stands out to me the strongest in the imagery of this card today is the flowers.  The flowers in the cups look like Dianthus barbatus, which is a type of carnation.  One of the major meanings associated with carnations is healing, and in fact, tea made from carnations can be used to treat nervousness and anxiety, as well as fever, stomach aches, skin ailments when applied topically as well as an anti-inflammatory.

Right so I’m waxing poetic on carnations.  The thing is, it has many, many uses besides what I listed above, all of which are gentle healing uses.   And it is in that gentle healing that I find my message today.

The message of today’s card is about my past, and it’s about the harshness I’ve experienced in my past.  It’s a reminder that it’s okay to let go of these things and focus on the good instead.  It’s okay to find the good and let it help in healing the wounds that harshness inflicted on my inner self.  It’s time to take a breath and let go of these harsher experiences.


#DiscordTarotolicsDec2020 Challenge Prompt
: What aspects of my life could benefit from some grounding and centering?

Goetia Tarot in Darkness

Reading Summary:   Finding those aspects of joy in the journey (The Sun) as you explore new ways to look at money and stability (Page of Pentacles). Remember that this shit takes time (Seven of Pentacles) and you need to hold fast instead of becoming impatient searching for another way (Six of Swords Rx).

Take Away: Impatience is definitely an issue for me, and one that I struggle with.  Not that I’m impatient with others, but with myself?  Absolutely.  The thing is, I keep seeing these glimmers of a new way to look at things and a new way to handle things…. glimmers that flicker in and out of the peripheral of my understanding.  I want them to come into focus NOW, even as I understand that this growth is going to take time.  The centering is in that understanding.  The grounding is in staying the course instead of giving up.


One thought on “Healing the Past

  1. I really hope that you can move on from the bad things in your past and only focus on the good of it. I know that growing up for you was difficult, painful…but look at the incredible man you turned into, hm? So there were definitely some good parts in there too or you wouldn’t have learned how to be such an amazing, generous and kind person. Even if the lessons were just in how NOT to treat others.

    Patience, love. You’ll figure out how to balance everything in due time. I know the waiting is hard but you will not only manage it, but perfect it in time.


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