A Little at a Time

IMG_8295Today’s meditation was just under twelve minutes long and was a guided meditation from the Calm app with an interval timer added in for my piriformis and forearm flexor stretching.

The topic of today’s meditation was… *takes a minute to wrack his brain*
Huh. I have no idea.  Not even with the graphic to the right as a memory prompt.   I know I listened to it, but I really can’t remember what it was about.  Usually this means that it was a message that I didn’t really relate to.  That said, I did do my meditation at least, yeah?

Simplicity Tarot - Three of WandsToday’s draw is the Three of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of moving forward with direction and a plan in place to guide you.  The Two of Wands just before this card is all about making that plan, and here in the Three of Wands we now see the plan moving into action.

What stood out to me the strongest in the imagery of this card today is the little ships out on the water.  (And the green and red of the guy’s clothing, which was a bit of a Christmas-y surprise for a non-holiday deck, and inspired a little heart lightening Christmas music listening earlier in the day.)

The holiday theme inspiration aside, the little boats feel like a message to make sure that as I am taking things in small, bite sized amounts. We all know that I suck at just taking it easy and not doing anything, but even if I decide to do a little bit here and there… the key is to do a little bit, and not get wrapped up in things that will only cause me stress during a time when I’m trying to rest and recover.


#DiscordTarotolicsDec2020 Challenge Prompt
: What do I need to be more grateful for?

Vintage Japanese Art TarotReading Summary:  You need to be more grateful that I have all the time I need (Seven of Pentacles) in order to learn to think of (Page of Wands) my work differently (Ace of Swords), as well as shifting how I go about doing it (Eight of Pentacles) in a way that incorporates more of my spirituality in my inner self into the process (High Priestess).

Take Away: That’s a lot of cards to say that the only deadlines in my work and my business are those that I set for myself.  Although, it’s true that this is something I need to acknowledge and be more grateful for, and to do this I need to give myself more space.  Allow for that time  needed to find something better and connect to my work in new ways.

The cards here, ultimately are indicating that there is far more to my work than just work, and I need to be aware and open to the fact that if I ease off on the pressure I am so often pushing onto myself, I will be allowed to find these hidden facets.


Mystic Star December Challenge Prompt
: What gift does the Universe have for me in the year ahead?

Winter Waite Tarot 2019 Edition

Reading Summary: Less worry (Nine of Swords Rx) and less uncertainty (The Moon Rx) when going through changes (Death).

Side Note:  The Nine of Swords and Moon actually landed on the table perfectly in place and reversed, but I like the pretty imagery on the cards too much to photograph them that way.  *LOL*

Take Away: I’ve mentioned recently in a previous post that I often struggle with change, even when that change is good and/or healthy for me.  The cards here are indicating that the gift that the Universe has for me in the year ahead is not so much that there will be less change, but that I will learn to deal with change better with less worry and uncertainty to hold me back and make the process unnecessarily stressful.


Morning Bonus Read – Year Ahead Visions

My Year Ahead Vision Tarot Spread - Naked Heart Tarot

What lessons can I take forward from the past year into the year ahead?
Spirit of Pentacle

The world will not end if I take control and allow myself the growth that I need without allowing my inner narrative of negativity to get in the way.  When I stand my ground instead of caving to the temptation of bad habits and unhealthy rhetoric of my past, I become stronger against those things that would have previously held me back.

What challenges, barriers, or obstacles may I face in the next year?
Three of Pentacles atop Three of Swords

Well, it looks like Z might finally get to go home at some point.  The cards here indicate a breakdown in collaboration between myself and others I’m working with.  This will be disappointing and cause what is normally an uphill battle to become an even bigger struggle.  I don’t see being able to hire a new helper this year as yet, not with everything going on with the pandemic.  Stabilization will take time, and I doubt that’ll be something I can look at until 2022.  So… yeah.  There could be some serious struggles and disappointment coming up where it comes to keeping up with my work… especially if I lose a portion of my collaborative team along the way.

What do I need to focus on in the year ahead to overcome those challenges, barriers, and obstacles?
Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups here indicates that maybe it’s okay for these challenges to be coming up this year, and that it could leave a bit of extra room (or I may need to make a bit of extra room) for emotional growth.  It’s important to remember to do what I can, then let the rest go.  I’ll hurt to accept that I may not be able to handle it all, but it’s better than the damage I can do to myself by trying to take on more than I can handle on my own.

What opportunities will be available to me in the year ahead?
The Tower

Tear that shit down and rebuild.  I have been slowly finding a new path to walk upon when it comes to my personal care and my business, my spiritual and emotional growth, and how I deal with my stress and responsibilities.  But, in order to really take the dive into this new path, I have to actually let go of the old one and let it crumble in my wake.  This year will provide me with the opportunity to do that, but remember that like all opportunities, this is something I have to actually reach for and won’t come to fruition without investment and effort.

What will be the overall theme of the year ahead?
Ace of Wands atop The Lovers

Healthier pursuit of the things and endeavors that are important to me.  This may include reevaluating those things that are important to me and adjusting my priorities to make sure that my self care and making decisions that are healthy for me take a higher priority.