Morning Bonus Read – Year Ahead Visions

My Year Ahead Vision Tarot Spread - Naked Heart Tarot

What lessons can I take forward from the past year into the year ahead?
Spirit of Pentacle

The world will not end if I take control and allow myself the growth that I need without allowing my inner narrative of negativity to get in the way.  When I stand my ground instead of caving to the temptation of bad habits and unhealthy rhetoric of my past, I become stronger against those things that would have previously held me back.

What challenges, barriers, or obstacles may I face in the next year?
Three of Pentacles atop Three of Swords

Well, it looks like Z might finally get to go home at some point.  The cards here indicate a breakdown in collaboration between myself and others I’m working with.  This will be disappointing and cause what is normally an uphill battle to become an even bigger struggle.  I don’t see being able to hire a new helper this year as yet, not with everything going on with the pandemic.  Stabilization will take time, and I doubt that’ll be something I can look at until 2022.  So… yeah.  There could be some serious struggles and disappointment coming up where it comes to keeping up with my work… especially if I lose a portion of my collaborative team along the way.

What do I need to focus on in the year ahead to overcome those challenges, barriers, and obstacles?
Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups here indicates that maybe it’s okay for these challenges to be coming up this year, and that it could leave a bit of extra room (or I may need to make a bit of extra room) for emotional growth.  It’s important to remember to do what I can, then let the rest go.  I’ll hurt to accept that I may not be able to handle it all, but it’s better than the damage I can do to myself by trying to take on more than I can handle on my own.

What opportunities will be available to me in the year ahead?
The Tower

Tear that shit down and rebuild.  I have been slowly finding a new path to walk upon when it comes to my personal care and my business, my spiritual and emotional growth, and how I deal with my stress and responsibilities.  But, in order to really take the dive into this new path, I have to actually let go of the old one and let it crumble in my wake.  This year will provide me with the opportunity to do that, but remember that like all opportunities, this is something I have to actually reach for and won’t come to fruition without investment and effort.

What will be the overall theme of the year ahead?
Ace of Wands atop The Lovers

Healthier pursuit of the things and endeavors that are important to me.  This may include reevaluating those things that are important to me and adjusting my priorities to make sure that my self care and making decisions that are healthy for me take a higher priority.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Year Ahead Visions

  1. Aww. You’re going to miss Z when she goes. Not just for the help she gives and the food she makes. Though she will still be a help to you even after she returns home, if not as much.

    Don’t let yourself worry about the what happens then part of things man. It’s time to relax and celebrate and enjoy.

    I look forward to a healthier approach and less intrusions from that inner narrative and your shadows. I love you beautiful.

    Merry Christmas baby

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