The Release

Today’s meditation was skipped, although I did soak in the tub this morning… so there’s that. I’m sure my downstairs neighbors were absolutely thrilled to hear me filling up the tub around 3:30am then draining it and taking a shower around 4:30am.

Japanese Traditional Tarot - Ten of SwordsToday’s draw is the Ten of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of “coming to the end of the line” on a journey of hardships and struggle. This card is about endings, but of the painful variety.

I am personally a fan of the Ten of Swords, and in most cases consider it’s appearance a good thing.  It means something I’ve been struggling through or hurting over is drawing to a close.  It’s going to hurt, but it’s also going to be the end.  Sometimes? All that pain is worth it if you finally get to the end.

What really stands out to me today in the imagery of this card is the fact that a number of those blades have not yet pierced the flesh.   This feels like it reverses the meaning of the card backward by just a slight half step.  They are also symmetrical, with matching swords on either side of the spine/body like some sort of ultra dangerous set of wings.  In fact, the only blades actually piercing through flesh are where wings would be anchored to the body.

It feels like a display of that one breathless moment just before you can break free.  That one fraction of a second where you know the end is near… right there… filled with both hope and pain, anticipation and fear.  These blades look like an unlikely and unwieldy set of wings, and yet they represent a release that has the potential to let the figure obtain the freedom to fly, even if not physically.

The message here in today’s card is to focus on the release to come. Don’t focus on your current misery and don’t fear what comes after, just focus on the release from your current chains, and foster the hope and the eagerness for that release.  The holiday rush is more than half over now.  I’ll be released soon enough.


#DiscordTarotolicsDec2020 Challenge Prompt
: What is it that I’m burying that needs to be set free?

The Simplicity TarotReading Summary:  This is about finding a happy medium (Ten of Cups). I am trying to suppressing my inner drive (Ace of Wands) with moderation… and unintentionally suppressing a fuller view of perspectives and the world (The Hanged Man) with personal spirituality (Spiritual Cleansing).

Take Away: Neither moderation or spirituality is a bad thing.  Neither that inner drive, nor the seeking of diverse perspectives and opinions is a bad thing either.  But in order to find emotional completion and contentment, you have to make room for all of them, not allowing some to overshadow the others but rather allowing them all to work both independently… and together without stepping on each other’s toes.


Fairy Rings and Liminal Spaces

Today’s prompt comes from one of my Discord servers. It was really interesting to me that when I tried to answer this question, I found myself almost at a loss for words and I decided to dig a little deeper and see if I could more fully express myself on this topic.

Prompt: Has anyone seen or had any experiences with fairy rings? I’ve always been really curious about them. Any experiences would be interesting to me! I’ve never found one myself, but I’ve always wondered what the energy around them feels like? Is there something in particular you do when you see one?

So first, I should explain what a Fairy Ring is. Essentially, it is a naturally formed ring of mushrooms, as seen above. They are most often found in fields and forests, sometimes in gardens and people’s lawns, etc. There is a huge amount of folklore involving Fairy Rings which describe then as everything from good fortune to bad fortune, something to be excited in seeing to something to be avoided at all costs.

My personal experience with these rings is primarily in the forests. And, at least for me, they have a very similar feeling to the liminal spaces in the forests and I would not be surprised at all to find out that they were also a form of liminal space for the Fae to pass through from their realm into ours and back again.

It is generally considered a bad idea to stand in the center of one of these rings, as it is considered to be trespassing. I personally have done this, and I can confirm that there is definitely a very liminal-like energy within the ring. In my case, though, liminal spaces that belong to the Fae are often a draw for me. They pull upon my energy, seeking to entwine with it, and it is through that pull that I find them in the first place.

Because the rings feel so very similar to how the liminal spaces of the forest Fae feel to me in general, I treat them in much the same way. That is to say that I usually greet and acknowledge Fae rings and those liminal spaces by allowing that pull I feel to draw my energy towards it, and connect my energy to the energy of that space.

That connection threads my energy with that of the ring/liminal space in much the same way a rope is made by the twining of multiple strands of string. It both energizing and pleasurable for me, almost like the joy of a warm and welcoming homecoming.

When I am connected to these spaces in that way, I then often begin to get a stronger sense of the Fae in the area including being able to more strongly feel their energy and often hear them whispering, tittering, and giggling in an effort to draw me into their games. Sometimes I give in and play with them for a bit, and other times I move on after sending some warmth of love their way. Regardless of if I linger or not, I come away feeling more contented and usually also happier and lighter after that energy connection has been made.

Where connecting my energy to the earth is very calming and grounding, creating a centering peace and solid core of energy within me… connecting to the energy of the liminal spaces of the Fae is energizing, crystallizing in how it can create clarity and lighten the heart and lift the senses. When I go into the forests, I may seek one or the other… but ultimately? I usually end up with both, which is perhaps why I find my time in the forests far more beneficial than simply connecting to the earth through farming or gardening.