Set Aside Expectation

IMG_8272Today’s meditation was just over eleven minutes long and was a guided meditation with interval timer for my piriformis and forearm flexor stretches.

The topic of the meditation today was about how we react to others. Specifically, how we react to negativity and whether or not we take a pause to process and form a reaction… or just instantly react (often negatively) without thinking first.

The thing is?  When you get in the habit of that pause?  That pause then becomes shorter and shorter over time as you become more accustomed to utilizing it.  It becomes more ingrained and easier over time.   The same can be said by leaping before you look, which is why it’s so important to stay conscious of your initial, internal responses and pause to consider your response before actually  acting outwardly.

Lost Hollow Tarot - Four of CupsToday’s draw is the Four of Cups, which is traditionally (this deck is a Thoth deck) a representation of being apathetic towards true value as one pursues happiness on a material level, a lack of motivation when new goals are needed, and other feelings of disinterest, discontent, lack of satisfaction, or depression.

Although nothing in this card’s imagery especially stood out to me today beyond the turn of the figure’s head, which is somewhat standard across tarot imagery for the Four of Cups, as the card  hit the table this morning I did get a very clear message from it all the same.

That message portrayed to me is that in the my first day of freedom from the holiday rush, be sure to remember that I don’t have to do anything that I don’t wanna do.  I don’t have to work.  I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to.  Today can be all mine.  All about me.  I have no expectations to fulfill, and need to be sure I don’t put any expectations upon myself.


#DiscordTarotolicsDec2020 Challenge Prompt
: What needs to be purged and/or completed before the end of the year?

Madam Clara Sees All Fortune Tarot 4th EditionReading Summary: Reign in (Temperance) your resistance to change (The Tower Rx) and find a way to stop fighting against what you know will be better for you (The Lovers Rx) in the end.

Take Away: Like most people, I have an issue with change.  I know that and I know that natural inclination is present in my make up even in times when the change that’s happening is for the good and will lead to better things. 

The cards here are making it clear that this need to resist is something I need to purge as the end of the year approaches.  I do not need to work myself to the bone.  I am more than capable of jugging my work and responsibilities with my emotional and spiritual growth and self care needs. I’ve been learning over the past year how to do this in a more healthy way and it’s okay to let go now and allow that balance to slip back into place.  I just need to make sure not to “get my back up” about the shifting of the sands and allow the stressful, unhealthy habits of the holiday rush to wash away unimpeded.


Mystic Star December Challenge Prompt
: What gift should I give to myself in what remains of this year?

Tarot of the Holy Spectrum

Reading Summary: Allow yourself time to daydream (Ace of Swords) and imagine the possibilities of what’s ahead (Ace of Wands), while staying safe at home (Four of Wands) and appreciating all you’ve accomplished in the last year (Nine of Pentacles).

Take Away:  This is about lack of action.  It’s about giving myself the break that I need to rest and recover… not while ignoring the future and what’s ahead, but rather while musing about what might come and what might be possible.

Usually, my mind is so grounded in the practical and logic that I don’t take a lot of time for daydreams.  Instead I project and look at trajectories, seek out hurdles and potholes on the path and prepare for them, etc.  What the cards are describing here is not that, but rather about looking forward into the future with hope, optimism, and an eager hint of imagination.


Morning Bonus Read – Making Magic

Yuletide Tales Lenormand - Making Magic Tarot Spread

What I Will

Tree – To get back in balance quickly at the end of the holiday rush. With the holiday rush at my back, it’s time to slow down and to do so in healthy ways that foster my spirituality, my physical health, and my overall well-being.

Earth – What would benefit from greater grounding and stability to help me encourage this outcome?

Mountain – In the time following the rush, there is a moment in time when you feel very lethargic and struggle with motivation. This malaise is a roadblock on your path to finding healthy balance, and to deal with this issue you are going to need to get out into nature and reestablish the grounding support and stability that your connection with the earth provides.

Air – How can I use my mind and my words to accentuate my will in this matter?

Heart – Be kind to yourself.  Don’t allow the negative inner talk to have its way, but instead allow the kindness and patience that you give to others to spill over and be how you treat yourself as well.  Berating yourself and treating yourself badly with negative words and harsh judgements is not going to help you find your footing on that path to balance and healthy well-being.

Mundane – What small activities can I do in my everyday to encourage the outcome I will into being?

Man – Spend time with Gideon. Not just in play… not just outside of play either.  Just time with him.  Get back into the habit of checking in, of messages and texts, of reaching out to him and spending time with him. He helps you in finding that path to a healthier you each year and it’s okay to lean on him for this support.

Fire – What will this ignite within me that I can use to burn away that which doesn’t serve my will?

Clover – Optimism and recovery will be fostered from within and allow you to discard the darker drag of depression and negativity that wants to take over during the shift away from the holiday rush. Allow that positivity to grow and encourage your recovery rather than habitually pushing it away for a more “grounded” (aka pessimistic) outlook.

Water – How can I best understand the subtle connection between the result of my will and the bigger picture?

House – Look around you and pay attention to how your well-being effects that of your loved ones.  When you feel happy and healthy and safe… so do they.  That connection then spreads from them to others much like a smile can spread from one person to the next.  It is much better to put that stability and contented happiness out into the world than the more negative emotions that try to encroach into your life at this time of year.

Spirit – With what magical energy can I connect to encourage the outcome I will?

Wolf (Dog) – The Fae.  It’s time to get back out into nature and connect with the friends you have there and the magical energies that they possess and are so generous with you. Take some time to frolic and play and reconnect with them and their energy.  It makes you feel good, bolsters your mood and your energy, and is an all around good thing that will positively enhance your efforts.