Morning Bonus Read – Making Magic

Yuletide Tales Lenormand - Making Magic Tarot Spread

What I Will

Tree – To get back in balance quickly at the end of the holiday rush. With the holiday rush at my back, it’s time to slow down and to do so in healthy ways that foster my spirituality, my physical health, and my overall well-being.

Earth – What would benefit from greater grounding and stability to help me encourage this outcome?

Mountain – In the time following the rush, there is a moment in time when you feel very lethargic and struggle with motivation. This malaise is a roadblock on your path to finding healthy balance, and to deal with this issue you are going to need to get out into nature and reestablish the grounding support and stability that your connection with the earth provides.

Air – How can I use my mind and my words to accentuate my will in this matter?

Heart – Be kind to yourself.  Don’t allow the negative inner talk to have its way, but instead allow the kindness and patience that you give to others to spill over and be how you treat yourself as well.  Berating yourself and treating yourself badly with negative words and harsh judgements is not going to help you find your footing on that path to balance and healthy well-being.

Mundane – What small activities can I do in my everyday to encourage the outcome I will into being?

Man – Spend time with Gideon. Not just in play… not just outside of play either.  Just time with him.  Get back into the habit of checking in, of messages and texts, of reaching out to him and spending time with him. He helps you in finding that path to a healthier you each year and it’s okay to lean on him for this support.

Fire – What will this ignite within me that I can use to burn away that which doesn’t serve my will?

Clover – Optimism and recovery will be fostered from within and allow you to discard the darker drag of depression and negativity that wants to take over during the shift away from the holiday rush. Allow that positivity to grow and encourage your recovery rather than habitually pushing it away for a more “grounded” (aka pessimistic) outlook.

Water – How can I best understand the subtle connection between the result of my will and the bigger picture?

House – Look around you and pay attention to how your well-being effects that of your loved ones.  When you feel happy and healthy and safe… so do they.  That connection then spreads from them to others much like a smile can spread from one person to the next.  It is much better to put that stability and contented happiness out into the world than the more negative emotions that try to encroach into your life at this time of year.

Spirit – With what magical energy can I connect to encourage the outcome I will?

Wolf (Dog) – The Fae.  It’s time to get back out into nature and connect with the friends you have there and the magical energies that they possess and are so generous with you. Take some time to frolic and play and reconnect with them and their energy.  It makes you feel good, bolsters your mood and your energy, and is an all around good thing that will positively enhance your efforts.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Making Magic

  1. This reading says alot about being kind to yourself, bolstering your self esteem and congratulating yourself on your accomplishments instead of letting those fretful whispers of your shadows get the better of you.

    It’s also about spending time letting yourself heal…reconnecting with nature and with the fae, reconnecting with me and remembering to allow the more positive parts of your life to influence you and crowd out the darkness…light up those corners and crevices baby. It’s time to celebrate and rest and heal.

    I love you, beautiful boy. I am here for whatever you need. Anything and everything that you need. I’m just so happy to have you back with me

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